things to look forward to

in a few months, 2011 will be over. how swiftly time flies! it feels like it was just yesterday when i was packing up my hong kong apartment to live elsewhere.
oh well lowell, some things never change.
but i don't want to dwell in the past. as my fabulous seer friend has told me so many times: what is done is done. stop looking back or you'll never reach your destination. (destination ka jan! baka destiny's child!)
for what it's worth, i am heeding this soothsayer's advice. a sensible thing to do for the nonsensical me.
so from now on, i will only look forward to what's ahead of me. a new life? why not? a new fantabulous job? most welcome! a new luver? hmmm...
in the meantime, here are some of the things worth waiting for:

the english edition of haruki murakami's intriguing book, his most recent one. (the japanese edition came out several months ago (was it two years?) to a very warm reception in his home country.)

meryl streep's new film, where she plays the strong-willed margaret thatcher. another oscar bait!

a reunion with friends so we could talk about life, luv and everything else under the moon over tons of beer, tequilla, margarita and cosmopolitan.

or discuss politics, the state of the global economy and its impact on the stock, bond and commodities markets over dinner at a french restaurant. serious!

or make a toast to cruel, insensitive men and vow never again..only to break it a few seconds later when a hot guy comes in, strutting his wares.


also worth looking forward to is the halloween, which can get really crazy as the night wears on and as alcohol and drugs take over.

i never had so much fun in just one night. not just by gazing at the costumed partygoers, but by dancing on the crowded streets as well with equally drunk, sweaty and sexy strangers.

hope to see this hunk again, who stripped naked at lkf in last year's halloween party. that prompted some people to call the police. kj! anyway, i met him again in another bar the following weekend and he looked even better in his well-tailored dark suit. sober this time, he refused to have his picture taken.

met these two macho tourists from spain and we ended up bar hopping until the wee hours in the morning, thrashed and too drunk to even hail a cab. i woke up the next day in a strange, luxurious hotel room somewhere near eden.


of course, i am also excited about this:

so i can wear these:

well, not exactly like the ones he is wearing. they are too expensive. but the colour is great.

this coat is fab! i have one exactly like this. hmmmm...time to take it out of the closet? i never thought i'd miss layering...hahaha...

we'll see.


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