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camping out

since he could not be with me to lull me to sleep, i thought of something else.

for a change.
as well as to help me sleep.
i have been camping out in my tiny living room.
sleeping on the mattress minus the bed.
imagining that i am in some far away place, far from home.
did it work?
so far it does.
now i am thinking of buying a small tent to fit the living room.
it will look something like this:

new thai hottie

thai guys are among the hottest in the world. just look at mario maurer.
anyway, i watched this crappy thai film (full of cliches. the biggest problem of the movie? the woman is in luv with the guy, but he is seven years younger than her. my gosh!) because of him.
he is really cute - boyish, innocent looking, virginal, the kind of boy who will cook your favourite food, send sweet messages on your mobile every now and then, sing you to sleep, bring you flowers. ekkkkkkkk!)
just look at his pictures.

his name? kinda hard to pronounce, but carry na rin. phuphom phongpanu. di ba ang hirap? parang tongue twister lang ang peg! pero ang face naman nya, josh.

fantabulous, right?


here's the trailer of that never mind film if you care:

sign of forty three

i must be old. really vintage archaic aged museum piece old.
last nyt, while resting because of flu, colds and cough, i watched before sunrise and before sunset again, richard linklater's ode to young luv and the foolish things we do before real lyf hits us.
surprisingly, after watching the two movies back to back for the nth time, i was more drawn to before sunset this time. like i could totally relate to the older jesse (ethan hawke) and celine (julie delpy).
anyway, i luv the soundtrack of these films. too bad, i left my cd at our villa in the philippines. chos.
i always luv this song. listen and weep. it's so heartfelt, so touching, can't help but look at my own foolish, self centered, selfish youth.
as celine puts it - "memories are wonderful things, if you don't have to deal with the past."

i hope richard, julie and ethan will find time to make another one - this time with jesse and celine married, hopefully, happily with kids. dealing with kids, bills …

adam & rafa

sounds like a brand for a new s&m underwear? could be. chos.
but i am, of course, referring to the most gorgeous guys in the planet (or even the whole universe.) - - adam senn and rafael nadal.
what can i say?
it's saturday, so let's take it easy.
let's make our wildest fantasies cum true.
mine has always been simple - be trapped in an island full of gorgeous italian, french and greek guys. you know, like those boys in the abercrombie & fitch ads.
enough. here's adam & rafa.

and of course - the ultimate - the one reason why a lot of my friends have become tennis fans.

this last one almost takes my breath away. chos. pardon the cliche.

i tell you, it's going to be a wet, wet saturday.


a bonus to make the rain cum true.
i always like him - thai actor in that gay film - bangkok love story. (forgot his name, though.)

(all pictures were taken from the internet. please don't sue the sickly me. no copyri…

another ms universe moment (repost)

someone asked to have this reposted (she is too lazy to search for it). chos!

(my apologies to non-filipino speaking readers. most of the dialogues are in filipino. please buy an english-filipino-gay lingo dictionary, otherwise known as baklarila.)

sunday. beautiful, sunny sunday. i had dinner with fabulous bff from another planet with a different timezone. her kingdom is from a far far away galaxy that you will need not just a passport and visa but certificates of good hygiene, mental stability and good moral character before you are allowed to enter the territory. yes, that's how advance their civilization is compared to ours. but since i am a princess from one of the oldest kingdoms in planet uranus, i am allowed to come in even without these documents. while waiting for her to arrive (unlike the prompt me, she is always late. when i say late, i really mean late. like an hour or so. that's normal for her. she won't even apologize for it. but since she is my bff and i lu…

anne saves batman

the movie can test your patience.
at nearly three hours and too much talk, i almost walked out. good thing there was the woman in a sexy outfit (more of her later.)
don't get me wrong - i luv christian bale. he makes every role count, even something as ridiculous as a billionaire crusader in a stupid costume. ching!
and after watching memento several years ago, i admired christopher nolan both as a director and a storyteller. he knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat - involve you in every scene. he is a thinking woman's director. chos.
but the dark knight rises, the finale in the resurrected batman saga, is simply a colossal disappointment.
it's too long. too grande. too ambitious. too.....for my simple, uninitiated, short spanned mind. (it wants to say a lot of things: the state of global politics, stock market manipulation, occupy wall street. kahilo.)
i could barely understand what batman and bane were saying in most of their scenes. maybe i am bungol na. haha…

a simple thank you

not that i want something more from you.
after everything that you have done for me,
i couldn't ask for more.
you once said - i don't need to say thank you.
but i insist.
i will eternally be grateful to you.
for bringing back the smile
on my gloomy days.
(just so you know)


the movies that shaped my young heart

when you are young and in luv, you feel as though almost all of the luv stories on film or book are especially written for you.  of course, noh!
anyway, here are some of my favourite films that made me fall in luv over and over again. i cried at some of them. others, i simply blushed (lyk the virgin that i was). chos.

summer of 42

love story.

ice castle

last american virgin

pretty in pink

reality bites (more than just a luv story, by the way).

before sunrise

before sunset

endless love

blue lagoon

man on the moon


breakfast at tiffany's

the way we were

two for the road

notting hill

an affair to remember

in the mood for love

chungking express

turn right, turn left

the english patient

almásy: what do you hate most?katharine: a lie. and what do you hate most?almásy: ownership—or being owned. when you leave, you should forget me.

(katherine's letter to almasy while she laid dying inside the cave is truly heartbreaking. read and weep.)

"my darling, i'm waiting for you…

sexy hong kong

i can't believe it.
hong kong has actually allowed this very provocative billboard to be displayed prominently on one of its busiest hubs just to drum up interest for the opening of abercrombie and fitch!
(store's opening in august, by the way. reports said its gorgeous male models will be in town. so to the gay squad, feel free to cum and celebrate! chos.)
if it were in the "conservative" manille full of hypocrites, moralists and unenlightened politicians who think we are still living in the dark ages, this billboard would have made such a ruckus: with politicians and their ilk asking for its removal - pronto! - because it will pollute the minds of the youngs. as if!

i luv! it was one of those pleasant surprises that you can't just shake off.
the store will be in central, near the mtr station along pedder street (where shanghai tang used to be.)


here's the photo of the billboard (taken from a friend's facebook account). it occupies almost…

miscast, mischief

watched the talented mr. ripley again, anthony minghella's adaptation of partricia highsmith's 1955 novel. the film is a visual feast - beautiful locations, luvly fashion  and gorgeous actors in fabulous outfits (except one. read on).
and the soundtrack is awesome.

what could have been a perfect film was ruined by matt damon's miscasting. first of all, he doesn't resemble jude law. not a bit. so having all those people mistook him for jude sounded silly and ridiculous. even harder to swallow than a frozen margarita with too much alcohol. matt also lacks jude's magnetic presence on screen. you simply can't keep your eyes away from him, whether shirtless or not, swimming, boating, or playing with his instrument.

in fact, after matt killed jude's character, the movie has become a big bore - not even the luminous cate blanchett and gwyneth paltrow(both dressed flawlessly and luxuriously like blonde goddesses) could save it.

anyway, here is the trailer of the m…

monotony's hymn

the pain of life.
the boredom of monotony.
wake up, have coffee,
sometimes a hearty meal
(to last us twenty four slash seven; what a joke!)
take a shower, or bath,
shave, put on new clothes
stiff, clean and well pressed
shoes, bag
tick tock
tick tock
there goes
the clock
eight, nine, ten hours
flushed into the drain
another day wasted
staring into the void
of our made up lies
then go home
eat dinner
take a shower or bath
(sometimes go out with friends and lovers)
but still the same,
at the end of the day
we sleep and rest
our tired body, mind and soul
one with nature
once more
life is an endless
march of all
the stupidities
that have piled
up for centuries
i long for the day
when i no longer have
to wake up and do the same
things all over again

taiwan youth

the last three days, i have been watching a few really good coming of age taiwanese films. i am so drawn to this genre because it reminds me of my own follies. when the most trivial things would put me on the edge, would mean a life and death situation. or maybe that's just me, the drama queen even before lindsay lohan coined the words. haha. chos.
anyway, for cineastes out there who are looking for a little diversity, i highly recommend these films. they are well written, well acted and the young actors are really gorgeous. they are all about first love, first crush or first infatuation, among other problems of the young.

blue gate crossing. quiet, charming, elegant. soulful. i luv!

winds of september. naughty. funny. tragic. (reminds me of mario de los reyes' bagets in the 80s)

you are the apple of my eye.  in the same mold as winds of september, only longer. funnier.

eternal summer. another favourite. gay themed, but everyone can relate. watch and weep.

that's all.
have a l…

next time we see each other

it's been six, seven years since i last saw you.
i was excited a month ago when i heard about your plan to drop by and see me. it made all the agonies of my everyday life seemed ordinary, mundane, nothing to sweat about. at the end of each day, when i am about to go to bed, all i think about is seeing you again. after all these  years.
how do you look like now?
are you still the young boy with braces (you got them too late)?
who easily gets mad, irritated and flustered (especially when drunk)?
the one boy whose dream is to be able to buy a bicycle so he can travel the whole world on wheels. (how are you gonna do that remains a mystery until now. back then, i didn't bother to ask because you are a person with a plan. unlike me. you may look innocent, you may laugh at my silliest jokes, but  you are no ordinary boy of nineteen. in fact, you seem old for your age. older than i was then (i was what, thirty six?). you have a roadmap to where you want to go and you know exactly how…