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the divinity of a youthful spirit

outside, it was dark even if it was only two in the afternoon. the wind was howling, like a lonely, lonesome dog in the deep of the night longing for the love of his life. trees swayed as though being shaken by an unseen giant, who, like the dog, is also looking for his long lost lover.

inside, it was quiet. even if the windows and the only door were shut, you could still feel the pounding of the wind and of the rain, as though they were trying to get inside like robbers at night.

there were nine tables, but only two were occupied. one belonged to a couple in their twenty's, huddled at a far corner near the bar, bit dark, and a safe distance from everyone so no one would hear what they were whispering about on their ears, or what they were doing under the checkered cloth that covered their round table. the girl was wearing a floral dress, deep v-neck to reveal a plump, smooth as a baby's breasts (just a part of them, i must say) and the boy was in a black, tight-fitting shirt…

philippine cinema's best actresses

what's a pink blog without a post on actresses. i know, i know, list posts are such a cliche. they shout "lazy!" in bold, capital letters.

but please bear with me. sometimes i get so busy with my newfound career that i hardly have time to sleep, much less think of new, funny posts to make your day. chos!!

so let me start this mahatma gandah's list with the best actresses, in my book, in this little part of hollwood. if you don't agree with me, go make your own list. haha

1. nora aunor. but of course. unlike other actresses, la aunor is still great even if she is not handled by the masters (lino brocka, ishmael bernal, mario o'hara) and even if the script sucks. case in point -- the flor contemplacion story -- directed by the mediocre and overrated joel lamangan. she was so good there that she won various awards. need i say more?

as i have mentioned earlier, nora was superb in nearly all of her movies -- tatlong taong walang diyos, himala, merika, andrea, bula…

a not so classy act

"a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
                                                              -- coco chanel

( another ms emily post post. so leave if you don't want to hear a sermon on being classy...)

dear fairies, bitches, witches, princesses, queens, pa-queens and wannabes,

gentle reminders on how to behave like a real princess, in and out of the palace:

-- if you are inviting people over for coffee, lunch, dinner or even just a few drinks, pretty please miss, stop looking at your phone. worse, stop passing it around showing photos of people we don't really care about, especially if they are of the gutter variety who don't have anything in between their ears except a pretty face.

if you want to see us, then be with us. talk to us. listen to us. laugh with us. we can even argue, bicker, or shout at each other. but please be with us. if you can't be away from  your phone, then better stay at home and converse with yourself and whoever it…

the sun-kissed smile that melted into a dream

"here, making each day of the year
changing my life with a wave of her hand
nobody can deny that there's something there.."
                   -- beatles, here, there, and everywhere

i knew something was wrong the moment i entered the room. a pungent smell of cigarettes and alcohol greeted me when i opened the door.
inside, the light was dim (the bulb was covered with his shirt), cigarette smokes swirled like invisible tiny clouds hurting my eyes and caused a few tears to swell up, a case of beer on the floor, and the soft humming of the beatles on the cassette player -- here, there and everywhere. 
he didn't notice me. he was there, but he was not. i removed my shoes, my shirt, and my pants. put on last night's short pants. 

then i sat on the floor, right across from where he was seated. beer bottles, cigarette butts and a lighted stick between us. finally he saw me and gave me a lukewarm smile. i could not see his face clearly. but i knew he was forlorn, like the grey…