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gift wish list

for christmas and my coming birthday, i won't make it difficult for my angels to figure out what to gift me. here's my super wish list for 2013:

............... and world peace......


i am very easy to please.
just give me the best.
that's all fairies, bitches, queens, queers, and princesses.

warm, warm home

nothing beats the warmth of the welcoming arms of family and friends to beat the cold berrrr nights. i don't know  yet what awaits me, but  it doesn't matter. as long as i have people around me who are willing, able and ready to support and give me luv. i can beat all the odds.


it's been a mesmerising week so far.
i have been to the very au courant and gorgeous flat of an old friend - so fabulous that i didn't want to leave anymore. i begged him to adopt me, but i failed. apparently, he saw through the social climbing me. he knew that i was only after the comforts of his flat.
to be fair, he prepared a sumptuous buffet and lots of gossips during my short-lived visit. (scroll down to read more)
i also had dinner(s) with some beloved friends who didn't mind braving the hellish traffic and their busy schedules just to see me (yes, it's all about moi, moi, moi and moi).
not to mention the expensive food and drinks bills afterwards. i am a guest (and jobless…

farewell : a carnival party

on my last weekend in hong kong (at least for now), the former british colony threw a lavish carnival party on saturday and sunday (november seventeen and eighteen). i had a blast, as usual, dancing in clubs and on the streets lyk there was no tomorrow to ward off the chilly air. drank galloons of alcohol. met a lot of interesting people from various parts of the globe.
here are some of the photos taken at my favourite party place - lan kwai fong or simply lkf.

it was too crowded, i could hardly take photos. so you have to pardon me for the out of focus pictures.


as the night wore on, as the air became even colder (winter, it seems, is coming early this year), as alcohol consumption continued to climb, more interesting people filled the narrow streets of lkf - hunks, fairies, ladies, hawkers, and hookers. double chos! they made the carnival party even more exciting, prompting one to say that it felt as though he was in rio. triple chos!

that's …

lyk crazy

i was horrified after reading online an article about a model who had her friend abducted by her boyfriend to "teach her  a lesson" for spreading rumours (cheezmeez) about her. the victim (may she rest in peace) ended up dead from gunshots.
it was horrible. abominable. a senseless way to die.
what happened to just confronting each other over cosmopolitan or martinis as most chic ladies i know do when faced with such a sticky situation? or better yet, just unfriend each other on facebook. it's fast, easy and cheap. no hangovers the next day and it won't add lines on your face. say?


rumours are part of our lives -- whether you are an excessively highly paid model slash actress or a lowly fish hawker at the wet market. whether you wear the pointy manolo or the reliable bakya made of wood and rubber to work, cheezmeez will follow you. whether you are the lyf of the party or the uninvited token wallflower, people will talk about you. it's a national past time.…

of books

in between dating, haunting, bouts of insomnia, meeting friends,  nursing a hang over with massage and two glasses of bloody mary at staunton, watching movies at ifc and pacific place, dvd hunting, updating my wardrobe and cruising in the river styx, i still find time to read books, i mean novels. chos! a lot.  i have never read this much for as long as i can remember. ah the price of being luvless..but i am not complaining. this goddess needs to feed her peanut-sized brain once in a while..hahaha.
now reading:

(reading it again to prepare for the movie adaptation with keira knightley and directed by joe wright.)

so far i have finished these (oh please, no bragging rights intended):

(re-read the book, watched the movie. problem solved.)

(as usual mr. white's prose is gorgeous. but the story is a humdrum. i still prefer his a boy's own story.)

(mr. hollinghurst never disappoints. his prose is poetry in disguise -- elegant just lyk most of his characters, lush, rich and delicio…