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i'm no afraid of no ghost!

the lawn
is pressed by unseen feet,
and ghosts return
gently at twilight,
gently go at dawn,
the sad intangible who grieve and yearn..
                -- t.s. eliot, to walter de la mare

as kids, we used to listen to ghost stories from our older sisters, brothers and sometimes from our cousins when they were at our house for special occasions like fiesta. usually at night when we were about to go to sleep. my two younger sisters and i would have bed sheets ready just in case the story became more scary that we have to cover ourselves with them.
my first encounter with a ghost happened when i was twelve years old. i just arrived from a high school christmas party and was walking alone to our house. it was around ten in the evening. i could feel that someone was following me, or walking behind me. but every time i turned around, there was nobody there. i thought it was just one of my brothers or friends playing tricks on me. you know, they hide every time i would turn my head to catch …

paulo's dance with fame

(please click here for my previous post on the scorching paulo avelino.)

at last, i finally saw paulo avelino on the big screen. he is one of the lead stars in angsayaw ng dalawang kaliwang paa, an entry to the recently-held cinemalaya film festival, and currently showing at glorieta four.
i like the film. it's sweet and short. with stunning visuals, music and poems. in just over an hour, it's just enough to make you want for more (especially of paulo) while at the same time it won't make you feel as if you've had enough of it.
i may not be objective because i like him, but paulo's a revelation in the movie. he is gorgeous, sexy in a wholesome way and registers well on screen. he can also act. he has those sad, expressive eyes just like reigning drama prince piolo pascual.
just like piolo, paulo is perfect for romantic leads.


paulo plays marlon, a university student who takes dance lessons so he can be close to the object of his affection, his literature…

pasyon na pasyon

no, ladies, bitches, witches, fairies, princesses and mistresses.
i am not talking about the holy week. gosh!
it's a bit too early for that. i am referring to our collective luv for fashion (as if!), that is, the un-avant garde variety.
while i luv those alexander mcqueens on the runway, i don't fancy seeing them on the streets. so fv.
i prefer street fashion to be casual, relax, where you can actually breathe, let your hair down and still look fab as if you have just stepped out of the pages of vanity fair.
in my book, effortless glam always tops the list. the less complicated, the better. it would even be best if no designer labels are showing. given the current global economic doom, less is definitely more, while wearing expensive lables is sooo politically incorrect. do it and i won't talk to you anymore. as if!
on that note, let me give you some of the looks that i luv, all taken from the satorialist's blog.  i hope mr. sartoralist won't sue me for taking the…

early morning coffee shop scenes

by early morning, i mean around 10:45.
i was having my steaming cappuccino and eggs benedict when suddenly this woman on the next table started talking a bit loudly to her two companions. she was telling them that she would be filing a sexual harassment case against her boss, who proposed to her when she was inside his car a week ago. she said her boss is married and so is she. she added that at one time, she was forced to use the stairs on her way out of the office because her boss and his bodyguards were waiting for her at the elevator.
because i could not see her (they were seated behind me), i was imagining a femme fatale who looks like sharon stone (ekk too 80's), ok, like emma stone, you know, with a gorgeous face and a body with the right curves. her companions, a guy and a woman, were comforting her, advising her what to do.
she went on with her sob story.

curious, i stood up and pretended to get water from the dispenser so i could take a look at her.
to my surprise, she …

super mario's coming to town (repost)

it's about time he visits manille where he has quite a few admirers ever sincehe appeared in that sad, poignant, cuming of age gay luv story luv of siam.  after watching that film, mario maurer had me at mar. since then, i would search for any latest news about him on google and luckily, there are write ups about him in english, either on blogs or on newspapers. last i heard, mario will be in town to shoot an ad for local clothing brand penshoppe (the same firm that earlier brought gossip gurl's ed westwick. how i wish penshoppe had signed up the gorgeous and hunky chace crawford instead of the petite and ordinary looking ed.) there were also reports that mario might do a movie for star cinema. i hope they come up with a better script and fabulous leading lady (not that anorexic and talentless kim whatever please!) for him. he deserves nothing but the best. otherwise there will be chaos. haha. here are some pics of mario through the years that i found on the net. i luv the ev…

madam m's moments

(please click here for the first part of this story.)

against his wishes, i took my apo to my chalet to better take care of him. i also wanted to know what's ailing him this time.
for god's sake, he is not getting any younger. he can't keep on doing this, shutting everyone off and hiding from the world every time something is not right.

i also wanted to know why he quit his last job, a fabulous one overseas.
something is not right, i know. as usual, his poor, helpless mother, pacita, doesn't know what to do. it has to be her mother-in-law who has to do the dirty deed for her.
don't get me wrong. even if pacita did not call me, i was really about to come to his place and get down to the bottom of things. i am starting to get worried. i luv my apo and i don't want anything bad to happen to him. i have seen it before and i don't want it to happen again.
it's sixteen past midnight and he is fast asleep inside the guest room. i asked the nurse to leave us al…

the fantabulous madam m's return

salut! you probably missed me. well, i hope you did because these days nobody misses me except those people who are under my payroll, my parrots and my puppies. how sad! it’s been over a year since i last guested in my favourite apo’s blog. i think he abandoned it for a while too, if i remember it right, when he went on a hiatus to find his soul, something that's really hard to do since genetically speaking, he has none. he came from a family of soulless kleptogarchs, so we don’t care much about the soul but of the glitter of gold. there i said it at last. i have been dispatched to write this because my apo is again nowhere to be found. i mean, he is not in the mood to do anything but mope. you know how he is dahlins, so you know these episodes when all he wants to do is lock himself up inside his room and do whatever it is that he does best for days.

since i care about this blog, whose readership has reached europe, the middle east, the united states and the whole of asia, i …