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the divinity of a youthful spirit

outside, it was dark even if it was only two in the afternoon. the wind was howling, like a lonely, lonesome dog in the deep of the night longing for the love of his life. trees swayed as though being shaken by an unseen giant, who, like the dog, is also looking for his long lost lover.

inside, it was quiet. even if the windows and the only door were shut, you could still feel the pounding of the wind and of the rain, as though they were trying to get inside like robbers at night.

there were nine tables, but only two were occupied. one belonged to a couple in their twenty's, huddled at a far corner near the bar, bit dark, and a safe distance from everyone so no one would hear what they were whispering about on their ears, or what they were doing under the checkered cloth that covered their round table. the girl was wearing a floral dress, deep v-neck to reveal a plump, smooth as a baby's breasts (just a part of them, i must say) and the boy was in a black, tight-fitting shirt…