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bedroom beauties

it's sunday, almost noon and i'm still in bed. as if i have somewhere else to go? hahaha.
anyway, the bedroom is one of my favourite places in the house, next to the bathroom.
every time i house hunt (as if!), the bedroom is always one of the first rooms that i look into, then the bathroom. i don't care much for the kitchen and even the living room. seriously!
if i have tons of money (maybe in my next life when i am reincarnated as steve jobs' only grandchild), i would luv my bedroom to look like these:

nothing fancy. not much colour either. i want it all in white, if possible. spacious. uncluttered. minimal furnishings. a huge bed would be enough and some cabinets and tables to put pictures, books and a few other things that i cherish.

i luv curtains. this is exactly how my bed would look like if i hang curtains: in white, sheer fabrics to add a touch of romance and whim. i luv the splashes of reds too (just enough though so as not to overwhelm the entire room) to bre…

echoserang froglitas

(this post will be entirely in filipino, with splashes of english and gay lingo. again, for my non-filipino and straight speaking readers, please either buy a balarila or get in touch with me for translation. chos!)

kakatuwa rin pala maghanap ng trabaho. kahit medyo masakit sa ulo at minsan sa ego na rin dahil siyempre pag hindi ka nila type, wis ka nila hire. kahit anong confidence mo sa sarili, minsan talaga mapapa-tanong ka sa self mo nang "what is wrong with me?" (sabay tulo ng luha sa isang pisngi) kapag lagi ka na lang rejected.
masakit, pero ganun talaga. sabi nga ni mani pakyaw: payt lang ng payt! kahet masaket pa.
ang iniisip ko na lang (pambobola sa sarili) eh baka hindi talaga para sa akin ang trabahong yon, kahit bagay sa aking pagiging glamorosa.
may mga ganito pa nga akong litanya: paano kung nandun na ako at biglang magsara yong kumpanya. o kaya biglang lumindol ng malakas at gumuho ang building kung saan ako magtratrabaho. o magkasunog. o may sta…

armie hammer: hollywood's latest scorching hot actor!

(pls click here for newer post on armie hammer.)

in another oscar-bait role, superstar leonardo dicaprio is playing the first fbi head j. edgar hoover, long speculated to be gay and had an affair with his associate clyde tolson. yes, dearies, leo is playing a closet gay (?) in the film directed by macho man and oscar winning actor/director clint eastwood and written by dustin lance black, who won an oscar for writing the script about castro district's gay mayor harvey milk.

(the real mr. hoover and his associate mr tolson on vacation.)
but this post is not about leo, clint, dustin or the film titled j. hoover.
this is all about gorgeous actor armie hammer, last seen in another biopic social network playing a twin. can you beat that?

media reports said armie had a kissing scene with leonardo in the movie, although it was not known yet if the film would focus on their supposed affair or about hoover's career in the fbi. exciting!

for that scene alone, the movie will be worth wat…

ms. universe moments

(my apologies to non-filipino speaking readers. most of the dialogues are in filipino. please buy an english-filipino-gay lingo dictionary.)

sunday. beautiful, sunny sunday.
i had dinner with fabulous bff from another planet with a different timezone. her kingdom is from a far far away galaxy that you will need not just a passport and visa but certificates of good hygiene, mental stability and good moral character before you are allowed to enter the territory.
yes, that's how advance their civilization is compared to ours.
but since i am a princess from one of the oldest kingdoms in planet uranus, i am allowed to come in even without these documents.
while waiting for her to arrive (unlike the prompt me, she is always late. when i say late, i really mean late. like an hour or so. that's normal for her. she won't even apologize for it. but since she is my bff and i luv her, everything is forgiven. i just hope that at her funeral, she would arrive on time.), i made chika wit…

beachhead revisited

the past few days, the city from my terrace looked like these:

the notorious pollution notwithstanding, it was a clear day with nice blue skies. suddenly i was inspired to go to the beach. i would take a bus, a ferry ride and voila i would be enjoying the triple s: sun, sand and sea. the fourth but most important s would come later, i hope.
so i decided to get out of the city the following weekend and stay in the beach for two nights and three days. that would be enough to get a decent tan and start a scorching hot affair. as if!

i was thinking, the sea would wash away the paranoia and negativity that have been gathering like cobwebs inside my pure, virginal soul. i need to sweep them out of my system before they turn me into a green-eyed monster with a know-it-all attitude. (the respectable f. sionil jose wouldn't like that.)


friday night, i was excited. i even turned down a friend's invite to attend a post-midnight gig that promised a lot of willing and able twinks,…

movie wish list

i wish manille would have a venue, even a small one, that would show non mainstream foreign films. not the so-called art films that only a few ones could appreciate. something in between the popcorn junk blockbuster variety and the high brow art movies.
greenbelt three could have one. mall of asia, shangri-la plaza or gateway mall could also allocate one of their smaller movie houses for these kinds of films.
i hate to sound snooty serna, but there are quite a number of interesting films out there that i am sure will find an audience in manille.
in hong kong, they have broadway cinematique in yau ma tei (i don't know if i spelled it right) where so-called art films are shown. the complex also has a bookstore called kubrick that sells mostly books about movies and a specialty video shop where you can find titles that are not usually sold at hmv or at hong kong records. this is where i shop for those japanese, french, swiss and italian films and movie posters not found in hmv. this …

disconcerted, disconnected

today was woozy. as if the gods in heaven had a drink all night, slept the whole day and forgot to set the stars right. until later.
i woke up early. around eight in the morning. i was excited. i had a great day ahead of me.
i thought it would be a bright day. it was sunny when i rose from bed.
i wanted to wear white jeans, the one i have not worn for several months now because of the rains. a long-sleeve shirt in baby pink would be perfect with it.

after i laid down the jeans and shirt on the bed, it rained. there was even a thunder. as if a storm was coming. frustrated,  i returned the pants inside the cabinet.

instead, i decided to wear an old pair of dark jeans, the one i have been wearing for the last few weeks. unwashed. smelly. i would still wear the pink shirt. who cares?
i went to the press room of a bank nearby to work. it was early. i thought i would have the room all by myself. (actually i was hoping to see cute teevee reporter again. i saw him early this week at the same …

a glimpse of hong kong

at this time last year  (i forgot exactly what day), hong kong was all aglow with the mid-autumn festival. we had a one day off and i whisked myself off to nearby lantau island to feast on old fashioned dimsum, sea food, sing tao beer, sea breeze and a bit of the sun and sand.

i am kinda missing hong kong. its efficient public transport system. the fast pace life. the sale season when items are sold at up to seventy five percent discount.
the crowded malls and mtr stations, especially on weekends and during rush hour. the night life at lkf and wanchai. the weekend brunch at soho. the wine drinking and guy watching at the steps right outside of staunton bar. the dinners at la terrase or at the peak.


let me channel gwyneth paltrow here and offer you a glimpse of what my nearly four-year stay in hong kong is like, if you care:

(my tiny, tiny flat at the outskirts of mid-levels. the look keeps changing every month. i would re-arrange furniture, change curtains, sheets, plates, et…