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summer inspiration

because rafael nadal is too busy and so famous to even bother returning my calls (hahahahahaha. chos!), i am shifting loyalties and crushing in  on olympic swimmer nathan adrian. see how gorgeous he is? he recently created a stir when he defeated olympic sensation michael phelps in a competition even if his speedo was ripped.

read the news below from yahoo:

"A split bathing suit couldn't hold back Nathan Adrian at the Indianapolis Grand Prix. The 2008 relay gold medalist overcame a tear in his bathing suit to win the 100-meter freestyle over a stacked field that included Olympic legend Michael Phelps. While crouching on the block before the start of Thursday night's final, Adrian felt a tear down the middle of his rear. His tight-fitting Speedo FS3 had split, leaving him with an exposed backside and considerably more drag than he'd have liked. Adrian dove in anyway -- "what could I do?" he said. The rip didn't have an effect on the result. He touched th…

missing you


where art thou? my dear fairy godmother?

if you are done with your good deed of turning one of my little step sisters from this pitiful, dreadful maiden (whose fashion sense has just bottomed out to negative 100!)...

into a gorgeous princess (it's a good thing that the long gown covered her unfashionable glass slippers. oh please, haven't she heard of louboutin?)

that will make even julia roberts forget that she is the ultimate pretty woman and america's sweetheart. acting instead as a mean jealous witch at the sight of cinderella wearing one of your original creations..

(ok, i admit she still looks so darn gorgeous even if she is supposed to be wicked and witchy! darn that luvly face and fabulous outfits!)
can you please cum back now..this princess also needs rescuing (i know i will probably earn the wrath of feminists all over the world for saying this). i beg thee, my sweet hearted fairy godmother to bring my prince back to me..

i miss the sight of  him playing …

feverish at sevens

the sevens fever is at its hottest last nyt, but not in the stadium.
instead, the party was transported to lkf. as always. the whole place was packed with fun luving party goers, mostly in their best costumes. there were beer vendors everywhere and the streets brimmed with michael jackson, madonna and elvis wannabes dancing on the streets.
ah what a nyt.
ironically, i didn't see any player on the jump packed streets. they must be too tired to go out and have fun. ah, what a lyf!

(the guy rolling up his long sleeve blue shirt is peter. as in he has these gorgeous blue eyes and all. he looked lyk the younger version of chace crawford. he's oh so hotty dreamy that when we started talking, i felt lyk his eyes and lips were lulling me to sleep. he has a nyc toned bod too. he took off his shirt afterwards while street dancing and flirted with luts of gurls. he must have mouthed them all..hahaha. the gurls didn't mind though. most of them were screaming in delight afterwards. he…


jay gatsby would have been proud.
i can actually see him in this house, throwing lavish parties attended by the wealthiest, most gorgeous people in the world.
but he will be oblivious to it all. it's all meaningless. his heart is empty. money has served its purpose,  except for one thing. what his heart covets.
daisy of course will love the house and everything in it.
but sadly, not the man.
indeed, love is the great leveler. not death.

A house modelled on the Palace of Versailles that will eventually become the biggest in America, has been put up for sale - at a bargain price of $75 Million. The advertisement in the Wall Street Journal describes the mansion as "the largest modern day palace under construction in America." At more than 90,000 square feet it is the equivalent in size to almost 50 average family homes in the US

read the rest of the article here:


drainy day

i need to feed
i am so drained
                         this vampire
                         is on fire


where have you been?

i woke up warm and perky. the sun was bursting in through the open windows. the room glowed, removing all signs of gloom that has nestled inside its four corners for the past few months.
the dreary weather has finally surrendered to the sun.  my first thought was to head to the beach in idyllic sai kung or any other island away from the central.

while taking a shower, i was already salivating over the scrumptious seafood and dim sum feast that awaits me. i decided to go to lamma island instead, a thirty minute ride by ferry. (i can't wait to stay under the revitalizing sun, feel the coarse sand under my feet). sai kung is just too far, a nearly an hour ride by bus. maybe next weekend?

wearing above the knee shorts (i cut off one of my old jeans, the better way to welcum the summer), cotton shirt and rubber slippers, off i went to the central ferry station.

since it was one of the first sunny weekends seen in this cold, cold island in three months, a number of its inhabitants in f…

summer dreamin'

some people are california dreamin'; i am summer dreamin'.
i have enough of this dreary, cold weather. i miss wearing shorts on the streets, in the beach. i am tired of putting on a sweater, a jacket, an outer jacket, a scarf, etc every time i go out. i hate the noise cuming from the heater that keeps me awake at nyt.
so in my mind, i am already summer; finding inspirations to warm up the nyts. chos!
some favourite pics that remind me of the sweltering summer surrounded by sweaty, half naked adonis in tiny, tiny shorts or speedos! ching!

beach anyone?
(some pictures were taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended.)

book nook

if i have tons of money (say i win the lotto or a long lost rich relative left me with lots of money as inheritance ) and build a home of my own, i will definitely have a quiet, calm, relaxing room where i can read all day, all night without any distraction.
here are my favorite home library looks:

don't you just love to laze around in a room of your own, read a favourite book while ella fitzgerald or barbra streisand is playing. add a steaming hot cappush or cocoa and presto, what a wonderful world!
(ps: all photos in this post were taken from different web sites. no copyright infringements intended. please inform the blogger if you want your photos removed. thank you.)

weekend fun without the sun

give it to young filipinos to be the life of the party -- even the spontaneous one.
last saturday nyt, a number of teen filipinos turned lkf into an instant street party when they, what else, showed their dancing prowess to the delight of pedestrians who were hopping from one bar to another. others joined the craze and danced the nyt away, while some took pictures and videos. i am sure there are already videos of the said street party on youtube.
i wanted to join, but i was already quite drunk. i was afraid i might trip and embarrass myself. also, there were a lot of paparazzi around, so i controlled myself.
but the iphone generation is relentless, unselfconscious and totally lacks inhibitions. they danced, shouted, laughed and urged others to join them. i luv!
sum of the pictures i took.

the cute kid in blue blazer with nice hair style in the last pic is antoine. i met him in another bar after i left the street party. he and his friend were totally drunk. we danced, had few more beer…