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because life isn't just black and white

"i learned that very often the most intolerant and narrow-minded people are the ones who congratulate themselves on their tolerance and open-mindedness." -- christopher hitchens.

there are two kinds of people that really upset the hell out of me (and i don't get upset quite easily. i am a tough nut to crack, i warn you!) : people with a holier than thou attitude, and those who have zero tolerance for diversity. these are people who want to impose their religious beliefs, tastes, even morality on others. these are people who will even go to the extent of quoting the bible just to convince you that they're, well, the disciples of all that is good, saintly, and beautiful, while you are the evil incarnate, so you have to follow what they are preaching or risk frying in hell for all of eternity.

it's all well and good if you are as clean and as saintly as, say, mother theresa who led by example and lived her life serving, feeding, and nurturing the poor.

but if you we…

love isn't everything; but then it will never be

"i don't want to inherit your past mistakes. you can't expect me to correct them for you.."
rome shouted at the other end of the phone. i could picture him actually; his pale, ghastly excuse for a face all red; his spiky short hair all standing up as if on a gun salute; his small mouth stretched into a wide, big o as though he was gasping for help. not a handsome sight. not the man i fell in love with three years ago.
it was a cold day in december. there was a bit of a sun when i woke up at around eight this morning, but now it was all gone. hidden by this thick, grey cloud. i was shivering. i was wearing a flimsy striped cardigan that i bought at a bargain at one of lane crawford's outlet shops in ap lei chau. underneath the cardigan was a black ralph lauren v-neck shirt.
i was looking forward to a bright sunny day before the winter sets in. i was wrong. already late for my appointment, i was rushing to the mtr station when the mobile phone on my jean pocket st…

habang ari mo pa ang kaharian ko

here's for you o (to first loves that never were):

dumadaloy pa rin sa mga ugat ko  ang iyong mga pangako parang hangin sa katanghalian, maingat, marahan, malumanay ngunit sa katagala’y nagiging marahas, mapusok, maalab sa iyo ang aking katawang uhaw ariin mong parang kaharian mo habang ito’y iyung iyo (pa) tayuan ng bantayog na matayog mahaba, matulis na hugis pero sa kalauna'y mapapagod din pala sa indayog ng hangin susuko, lilisan
mananatiling hungkag ang puso ulila  dukha sa ligaya habang ika’y wala walang ibang minimithi  kundi ika'y muling makita 
oo habang sa iyo pa ang kahariang ito ako’y mananatiling iyong bilanggo