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it was never meant to be... just the two of us

he was holding his cigarette the way  you do: safely clipped between the thumb, the middle and index fingers. as if scared that a strong wind might blow it away from you; or some stranger from out of nowhere might snatch it from you. i guess you were lyk that on everything that  you thought you owned. you wanted them secured, fastened close to you. i used to wonder what made you behave that way. so insecure, so afraid that sumeone you luv might leave you or be taken away from you. it took me years to understand it. to understand you. but i am digressing. let me go back to my story.

&&&&& he was a stranger. a nameless guy with movie star looks. i don't know why i have always been drawn to guys that reminded me of you -- smooth, creamy white skin, neatly combed short black hair, sad dark brown eyes, long, lean limbs, a confident but elusive smile and soft, dreamy voice. see? my thoughts were straying back to you. why have you always doubted it? there was only yo…


"i don't want to inherit your past mistakes. you can't expect me to correct them for you.." rome shouted at the other end of the phone. i could picture him actually; his pale, ghastly excuse for a face all red; his spiky short hair all standing up as if on a gun salute; his small mouth stretched into a wide, big o as though he was gasping for help. not a handsome sight. not the man i fell in luv with three years ago.

it was a cold day in december. there was a bit of a sun when i woke up at around eight this morning, but now it was all gone. hidden by this thick, grey cloud. i was shivering. i was wearing a flimsy striped cardigan that i bought at a bargain at one of lane crawford's outlet shops in ap lei chau. underneath the cardigan was a black ralph lauren v-neck shirt. i was looking forward to a bright sunny day before the winter sets in. i was wrong. already late for my appointment, i was rushing to the mtr station when the mobile phone on my jean pocket sta…

who stole the happiness from you?

i want to drag him out into the blistering heat of the sun
let him dry like a prune, suffer, then die
it's not hate that i feel for him
it will be a merciful death

where did all the glow in  your eyes fly? they use to warm the summer sky

your smile feeds the ocean
freshens up the fish
feeds, nourishes the child

i should have met you
before he did
then i could have taken cared of you
if it's love that you want
if it's care that you desire
if it's loyalty that you seek
i will give them all
and more
but you don't have to love me back
(i have more than enough
for the two of us)
just a smile
will do

i long for that very first moment
my eyes have ever laid on your face

it shines, it brightens, it makes
the leap from dread to bliss
so easy
i thought it will
a lifetime last
but nothing does
everything must surrender
to darkness
at six

i will wait
in silence
my heart grieves
how long will i stay in the shadow?
i don't mind really

i can stand
lie down

summer bummer


escape to a marriage trap

i am luving this film: the lead stars (the shape-shifter michelle williams -- glorious in every role -- and the hunky with sad eyes luke kirby) have that sizzling chemistry rarely seen among pretend luvers on the big screen. the color palette is delicious (mostly vibrant primary colors. very summery) and the fashion is light, breezy and easy on the eyes.  even the usually obnoxious seth rogent looks adorable.

then there is the story -- about repressed desires and unspoken luv. how gay! lastly, the soundtrack is dreamy, makes me want to escape in sum idyllic, rustic place where i can lie on a hammock all day dreaming about day dreams.
what more can you want?
here is a review from the guardian:

"Michelle Williams is Margot, a freelance writer in her late 20s with a touch of workaday depression, and a husband of five years, Lou (Seth Rogen, muting, if not quite gagging, his stoner schtick). They're content, more cuddly than carnal – Polley is an acute observer of relationship in…

when good manners call for it

every sensible person should know when what they are saying is starting to be offensive. if it's starting to feel like an insult to someone else.
i know that tact and common sense are not common virtues, but my goodness let's use our coconut.
i am not onion skinned. god knows you can tease me all you want, i don't care. i might blush, i might keep quiet, but i won't be mad.
but there are limits to what i can take. especially if the same seemingly innocent remark is coming from the same person over and over again.
case in point. this person whom i have known so many years ago. we are not really that close. he is not even a friend. he is more like a working colleague, if there is such a thing.
we have not met for so many years. i can't remember when was the last time i saw him. as i've mentioned earlier, we are not close. so i don't care if i see him again or not. my life will still be the same, frankly.


anyway, i met him again a fe…

sexy post revisited

(*somebody wants this reposted. go!)

i'm glad you'll soon be gone.

i have been seduced. not just once
or twice
oh, never mind how many times. been tempted.. been promised.. the biggest land
when in fact, it was nothing but a tiny patch.. oh, never mind, the size. my lips are full, anyway.

yes, i have been naughty never been nice. so many times i have seen men rise
only to turn into mice. oh well, lowell... aren't we glad it's all over soon. no, i am not talking about these beautiful creatures standing in two (sometimes three) legs. hairy smooth strong muscled thin or green but always  oh so wild

no, no, no i am not talking about these men either who could turn a cold, dreary, lonely winter night into a blissful, sun-drenched summer even at ungodly hours.

all about paulo

he has indeed dethroned a lot of wannabes not just at the bench brief fest, but also at the country's number one television network. paulo (or is it paolo) avelino has indeed come a long, long way since his gma seven days, when he used to be among the many trying hard (and undistinguished) faces waiting for his turn at the center stage.
now paolo has the whole country underneath his feet.
i luv!

i hope he keeps it up!

(all photos were taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended. chos!)