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beach bum, beer can, trouble sum

i miss summer.
it's been cold again the past few days.
i miss the sun.
i miss the sand.
and i am becoming such a cliche!!
sum of my memorable beach holidays!!!

that's all!!

more oscar glam

the parade of glamourous people continued at the vanity fair oscar party.
the standouts!

and the always chic, the screen goddess.. this time minus the cape in a tom ford classic:

that's all fairies, bitches, princesses, ladies and wannabes!!!
have a great week ahead...remember it's only wednesday, go easy on the martinis!!

favorite red carpet looks

what's an oscar without the red carpet posse?
these are my favorite looks.

 michelle williams

gwyneth paltrow
berenice bejo

emma stone
milla jovovich

natalie portman

truly an iron lady!

"Of the prizes left for old-fashioned talking pictures, only The Iron Lady won more than one award: for Makeup and, miracle of miracles, Best Actress to Meryl Streep. Twenty-nine years and 14 nominations after her last Oscar for Sophie’s Choice, the Academy’s most glamorous runner-up finally got to walk on stage a winner again, and provided the night’s one big upset; she had been expected to lose to The Help‘s Viola Davis. Thrilled and flummoxed, she said with a laugh, “I really understand I’ll never be up here again,” before gazing into the audience and adding: “I see my life before my eyes — my old friends, my new friends,” and recalling “the sheer joy we have shared making movies together.” Her speech was among the show’s emotional highlights. One of the others was Octavia Spencer’s joyous, tearful acceptance of the Supporting Actress award for The Help, which triggered the evening’s first standing ovation.
If Streep had a fellow wallflower at the Oscar prom, it would be Woody…

the anatomy of a life so ordinary

i don’t want to see anybody crying at my funeral. nor talking only good things about me, the great deeds that i have done, as if i were a saint. i was not. like my favourite artiste, who passed away recently, i knew i was no good. my mother, the frustrated dramatic actress, would probably shed a tear or two. she might even faint. let her be. i have seen it during the wake of her husband and then of her oldest son (so i heard. i wasn’t there). she cried hysterically in both funerals, like a mad woman. but i love her, so i gave her the license to showcase her flair for the dramatics that would put even her idol, nora aunor, to shame. it’s hypocrisy to the highest degree to cry in someone’s funeral when all you did was treat him badly when he was still alive. my older sister was like that. when my older brother died, she acted like the martyr, urging everyone to fly to another city to attend his funeral. even if this would mean spending a lot of money to go there. after father died, money …

fasten your seatbelts please, here cums michael

just watched steve mcqueen's shame and i luv it. like totally.
not because the gorgeous michael fassbender (i luv his last can make up a lot of nice words from fastbender...) is always naked and showed his dick so many times. ok, ok, who am i kidding. of course i luv the film because of michael's nude scenes. and sex scenes. plently. the three sum is simply awsum!

but the film is more than sex.
it has a soul.
it's also about the luv between an older brother and a younger sister.
of lost souls.
it's also about success and how it changes us. creates another us.
about using sex to ease our pain, to forget the sadness of everyday life. forget about the burden of a dark past, of an even darker present and perhaps, future.
the scene showing the ravishing and talented carey mulligan (luv her in an education and never let mego. she loooks lyk another favorite young actress michelle williams. they should make a movie together) singing new york, new york with …


"why are you so quiet?"
"because there is nothing more to say."
"you never run out of things to say."
"there's always the first time."
"it hurts."
"the first time always does."
"your silence is even harder to take."
"please say something."
"you won't lyk it."
"try me."
"you will hate me."
"i do hate you."
"because you've stopped luving me."
"i never said i luv you."
"you did...when we were at the top of the tower. when the band played your favourite ella fitzgerald song."
"round midnight."
"no the other one."
"cry me a river."
"not that one."
"i don't want to recite her entire album."
"something about summer."


cum february 26, the whole gay landia will probably be glued on their teevee screens.
first to gorge on those delectable actresses as they preen and pose on the red carpet in their oscar best. telling those who care what and who they are wearing.
then the rather bland awarding ceremonies.
i mean who will get the trophies for the six major awards (which are, frankly, what i am mostly interested in. i don't care who gets the best screenplay or best make up. chos) -- picture, director, supporting actor and actress, and best actor and actress.

here are my bets:

best picture - the artist

                      runner up - the tree of life

best director - michel hazanavicius for the artist

                       runner up - terrence malick for the tree of life

best supporting actor - max von sydow for extremely loud and incredibly close

                                  runner up - christopher plummer for beginners

best supporting actress - octavia spencer for the help



ah the wit of the filipino gay man.
i saw this one on the comments section of a gay blog and it cracked me up. it made my day.

"yung area between the balls and asshole, pwede na. perineum o taint ang tawag dito sa US. anu ba yun sa tagalog? haha.

PATEROS po ang tawag dito sa Pinas nyan! Kasi yan po ang bagsakan ng itlog!"

shorts are the new pants

it's almost summer..
at least it's less chilly now than a month ago when my newly brewed cappucsh would suddenly freeze a second after being exposed to the elements (elements daw!).
it's the season of sun, fun, sand, sea and what have yous (malling, mountain climbing, camping, strolling, kayakking, water poloing, and in my case, lounging in the pool or in the beach, ogling at sexy sun gods in their tiny, tiny shorts, margarita and a gabriel marquez on hand).
think crete (ay magulo doon ngayon) erase. take two. anyway, you know what i mean.
because it's summer, i am thinking easy going outfits, nothing fuzzy, nothing long and nothing stiff.
here are some of my summer outfit choices.
again, if i were rich, i would buy them all.
but since i am just  a lowly paid servant working my big ass off in the island of dim sum, mark six and maggie cheung, i will be contented to wear my old, reliable, cut off jeans (above the knee noh?) and old, v-neck sky blue shirts.
i prefer my s…