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the dream hunter

there's something about the quiet, dry evening that woke me up.
when i looked at the clock, it was only three in the morning.
too early to rise from bed, i decided to just lie down.
hoping that soon, sleep will find me.
but a few hours later, it never came.
feeling restless, i decided to turn the dvd player and tv on.
but soon, the movie (realtiy bites) bored me. i have
seen it twice this afternoon..and more than
a hundred times  since i bought the dvd years ago.

for the past several days, i have been waking up early in the morning..
sometime i wake up at around two, sometimes at three, sometimes at four..
there must be something about this bed, i thought, as the movie went on...
as winona ryder, ethan hawke and the rest of their restless generation x searched
for the meaning of life while losing jobs, searching for themselves and breaking hearts..

this morning (or late afternoon when i woke up), i was surprised to find a long lost friend, ok former lover, who suddenly dropped me …