sunday hottie

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it's sunday, ladies, fairies, bitches and witches.
so let's take it easy.
it's been a while since i got really crazy about a local movie star. when i say crazy, i mean i would read all about him, stare at his pictures for hours and watch all his movies, even the dumb ones.
the last one who won this distinction (yabangation!) was piolo pascual, long rumoured to be a member of the third kind. in most filipino gay man's book, that's a big turn off. while i share that sentiment, piolo is the exception. just look at his near perfect face, those soulful, sad eyes, the sensuous lips, the lean, long, tanned body. gay or not, he is hot!
confession: i never believed all those churva that he was (or still is?) the boyfriend of kc concepcion (not montero, gagah). sorry!
but piolo is getting old. and frankly, trite. it's like he has nothing more to give. he's done it all: singing, modelling, posing half naked, getting a girlfriend, etc.
so it's time for somebody new.
as if on cue, here comes the smoking hot paulo avelino. who is he? google dahlins, google. the fact that he is already a dad makes him even more desirable.
i have not  met him yet, i have not seen any of his teevee shows or even movies, but based on his bench pictures, he is one big fafa.

just look at those abs. those smooth legs. the hairy pits.

i read somewhere that he has transferred to the number one teevee network, abs-cbn. i hope he gets more breaks. he looks way better than those male starlets that the network has been shamelessly throwing at us.

me thinks paulo should have been the cover of the latest issue of the local cosmopolitan magazine instead of that boring half breed sportsman wannabe. sorry for their millions of fans, but i never find those football and rugby players hot. not any of them. wa apil. wa libog. they all look bland. honestly.

despite staying that long in showbiz, paulo has retained that fresh, boyish, wholesome look. just look at that smile. kinda shy, kinda sweet, kinda cute.

here is hoping channel 2 would build him up to be the country's top leading man, just like christopher de leon, if it's not asking for too much. hahaha.
that's all!
happy sunday and have a great week ahead.

(all pictures are taken from the internet. please don't sue the poor, jobless me.)


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