bedroom beauties

it's sunday, almost noon and i'm still in bed. as if i have somewhere else to go? hahaha.
anyway, the bedroom is one of my favourite places in the house, next to the bathroom.
every time i house hunt (as if!), the bedroom is always one of the first rooms that i look into, then the bathroom. i don't care much for the kitchen and even the living room. seriously!
if i have tons of money (maybe in my next life when i am reincarnated as steve jobs' only grandchild), i would luv my bedroom to look like these:

nothing fancy. not much colour either. i want it all in white, if possible. spacious. uncluttered. minimal furnishings. a huge bed would be enough and some cabinets and tables to put pictures, books and a few other things that i cherish.

i luv curtains. this is exactly how my bed would look like if i hang curtains: in white, sheer fabrics to add a touch of romance and whim. i luv the splashes of reds too (just enough though so as not to overwhelm the entire room) to break the monotony of an all-white affair.

i sooooo luv these two, especially the second one with a terrace overlooking the blue sky and beach outside. very minimalist! so peaceful. so restful. bet they will cure my insomnia.

this one's nice too, even with the tight space. the lighting, minimal furniture and the all white flair makes the room look bigger. don't you think?

this too would be perfect. the colourful throw and small pillows complement the dreamy white theme. perfect. just perfect for staying indoors during rainy days, read a book and drink hot chocolate.
who needs a man if your bedroom looks like these, noh?
oh and lastly,  the bedroom should have fresh flowers always. i luv a room with a huge bouquet of fresh roses. hmmm...perfuct!

happy sunday fairies, bitches, witches, princesses and queens of excesses. have a great week ahead..

(all pictures are taken from the internet. no copyright infringement intended, so please don't sue me.)


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