notes on contagion

no, i am not going to ruin your viewing pleasure by writing about the movie. but it's a good one, with a compelling story and an outstanding, award-winning cast.  please watch and i am sure you will enjoy it.
instead, i am going to list down the things that went through my head while watching oscar winning director steven soderbergh's latest opus starring some of the biggest and brightest actors in hollywood. three of them are oscar best actress winners. guess who?

* the film is a reunion of sorts for gwyneth paltrow, matt damon and jude law, who were together in the beautifully shot and well-written talented mr. ripley shown 12 years ago.

* while gwyneth still looks ravishing and young twelve years after their last film together and having two kids, jude law and matt damon are not.

* jude law is not aging well. he is losing his sheen as he grows older, unlike say george clooney or brad pitt. but his performance here is one of the bests in the film.

(jude law as the charismatic dickie greenleaf in talented mr. ripley. he looked so hot in the film that when his character died, i lost interest in the movie.)

(as the angry blogger with an agenda in contagion.)

* matt damon's fat, but is unconvincing as the father of a teen-age girl.
* kate winslet's role is thankless. a waste of her talents. any actress can do it.
* marion cotillard still looks fabulous even when just wearing pants and a simple shirt and under a lot of pressure.

* lawrence fishburne looks bored, as if wondering what he is doing in this movie.
* scenes in hong kong make me sad a little bit. i never thought i would miss hong kong.
* why is mr. soderbergh so enamoured with doing an all-star cast film? traffic, ocean's 11, 12 and 13.

(mr. soderbergh will be convincing as one of the scientists in the movie.)

* why didn't mr. soderbergh include his frequent collaborators and favourite stars julia roberts (she won her first and so far only best actress oscar in a movie he directed), george clooney, catherine zeta jones, brad pitt, etc. in the movie?
* while watching the film, i got so paranoid that when the man seated next to me coughed, i wanted to flee from the theatre. when he did it again, i was tempted to tell him to please cover your mouth. when he kept on coughing, i wanted to move to another seat, but since it was a full house...well.....i suffered in silence as usual.
*some of those in the audience laughed when someone inside the movie house sneezed so loudly in the middle of the film. but it was a nervous laughter, i bet.
* after watching the movie, i went to the toilet right away to wash my hands thoroughly as if i were leonardo di caprio in aviator. i was scared to touch anything with my bare hands. i also bought a pair of gloves and a mask at mercury drug. seriously.
* the ending of the film feels like a big joke. really!
* i luv this dialogue: "you are not a writer, you are a blogger."
* if the setting of the film where gwyneth contacted the disease was manila, the blogsphere would be flooded with angry protests from patriotic citizens. soderbergh and company might even be declared persona non grata. there might even be a congressional inquiry in aid of legislation. hahaha.

that's all! enjoy your weekend at the movies bitches, fairies and witches. please don't forget to cover your mouth when coughing and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly!

(all pictures are taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended. pls email blogger if you want them taken down. thanks!)

here is the trailer:


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