movie wish list

i wish manille would have a venue, even a small one, that would show non mainstream foreign films. not the so-called art films that only a few ones could appreciate. something in between the popcorn junk blockbuster variety and the high brow art movies.
greenbelt three could have one. mall of asia, shangri-la plaza or gateway mall could also allocate one of their smaller movie houses for these kinds of films.
i hate to sound snooty serna, but there are quite a number of interesting films out there that i am sure will find an audience in manille.
in hong kong, they have broadway cinematique in yau ma tei (i don't know if i spelled it right) where so-called art films are shown. the complex also has a bookstore called kubrick that sells mostly books about movies and a specialty video shop where you can find titles that are not usually sold at hmv or at hong kong records. this is where i shop for those japanese, french, swiss and italian films and movie posters not found in hmv. this is where i found a rare and clear copy of sophia loren's sunflower.

here are some interesting films that i would luv to watch on the big screen here:

(norwegian wood)

(tree of life)

(blue valentine)

(the conspirator)


(rabbit hole)

these are just some of the movies that i look forward to watching at the big screen and not on video. there is nothing like watching a film inside a dark, airconditioned theatre and share the experience with other cineastes.
that's all! have a great rainy weekend bitches, fairies, witches and princesses.


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