favourite pink films

just because you have seen both the original and the 2011 remake of joey gosiengfiao's campy temptation island and almost all of the local indie sexploitation movies that portrayed the stereotypical gays (parlorista, effiminate, cross dresser, pimp) and their typical luvers (call boy, macho dancer, masahista, estudyanteng walang pera, provincianong ambisyoso, durugista) does not make you a pink cineaste.
i don't pretend to be one (pink cineaste, gagah), but i have seen some really good films about gays (or pink films) from all over the world. charrr!!
here are some of the noteworthy ones.
take note that most of the actors who portrayed gay roles in the following films were (and still are) big stars in their own countries. in the case of brokeback mountain, both jake gyllenhaal and the late heath ledger are well known globally being products of hollywood's multi-billion dollar star factory.
what i am trying to say is that in other countries, superstars are not afraid to tackle gay roles replete with sexy scenes unlike in the philippines. how i luv to see piolo pascual and gerald anderson in a film about gay luv. or sam milby and diether ocampo.
coco martin (see photo above of one of his movies) has done it a lot of times and look where he is now. on top of the showbiz pyramid and his acting talent has been recognised here and abroad.

love of siam from thailand (with the luvable mario maurer!)

brokeback mountain from hollywood

formula 17 from taiwan

* frozen flower from south korea

* les chansons d'amour (love songs) from france

summer storm from germany

* time to leave from france (directed by francois ozon)

c.r.a.z.y. from canada

ma vie en rose (my life in pink) from belgium

* beautiful thing from u.k. 

get real from u.k.

maurice from u.k.

my own private idaho from the u.s.

priscilla queen of the desert from australia

bishonen from hong kong (this one's my favourite trailer, parang filipino movie sa haba.)

* bangkok love story from thailand

 and finally, from the philippines:

muli  starring the hunkie sid lucero and former matinee idol cogie domingo  (i don't like the trailer though, played against the bakya sountrack. i hate trailers that look like mtvs. puede ba it's so 80s!)

* masahista or the masseur with award-winning actors jaclyn jose and coco martin and a host of young men willing and ready to disrobe:

i am sure there are lots more that i could not remember at the moment. 
by the way, almost all of francois ozon's movies (time to leave) are about gay luv or have colourful gay characters in them. google him dahlins and you will not regret it. his movies are real gems.


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