in bed with...

look who's been sleeping in my bed:

my ideal luvers. they keep me informed, warm and bring me to places i have never been. they even make me think, something that i don't usually do. i have no brain. i am shallow.

unlike men, they don't complain. they don't make a mess in my tiny flat. they don't fart, they don't make me wait for hours so i could use the bath, they don't leave wet towels on the bathroom floor, they don't put their dirty underwear on top of the dining table. most of all, they are quiet. they are low maintenance, just a shelf or a table and they are fine. dust them once a month, that's all they need.  indeed, books are from heaven, men are from...(you supply the word dahlins!)

they entertain me, they tell me that i need to buy a lot of things to make me happy, quench my thirst for celebrity gossips, show me glamourous places and hip restaurants, though at times there are worthy articles about the greek debt crisis, the state of the global economy and rob lowe's experiences in shooting coppola's the outsiders in the 80s. luvly!

together, they keep me awake at night. but who am i to complain? they are way better than surfing the net, poking people and liking posts on face book, or watching porn. hahaha.
i have tons more. kept in my old room in our antique house. wonder what they are doing now?

(my latest read.)

but make no mistake, dahlins.
just because i read a lot does not mean i am smart. a lot of people read a lot but they still sound and act like idiots most of the time.
maybe mr. sionil jose is right. we are a generation of idiots, something we can't deny even if we are reading all these books, high brow magazines and all the interesting articles on the net. 
my only consolation is i never pretend to be the know it all jester. i know when to shut my mouth. i learned that from my disciplinarian father and strict grandfather. if you have nothing better to say, just keep quiet, they told us. don't infect the already ignorant world with more ignorance, they added.
see, my english stinks. my grammar is weak.
and i am not being ironic!


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