pretty young things

since i moved into this temporary shelter, sleep has become a luxury, like wearing a louboutin with a five inch heels on a rainy day.
my insomnia has gotten worse due to the noise from the bars down below - loud rock music, loud conversations from partygoers, the blaring of sirens, honking of cars.
probably recognizing my former life as a party hopper (chos!), my new employer has put me in a flat right in the middle of hong kong's party district. it's like living in las vegas minus the acid trip, the wild casinos and the oh so well-dressed tycoon high rollers.
this was in contrast a week ago when i was sleeping soundly like a baby at a friend's flat in far away ap lei chau, a neighborhood where most of the residents are either too young or too old to party.
(it's a retirement village, my friend exclaimed when i mentioned to her that since i arrived there, i haven't seen any interesting young guy around.)
her apartment building is also so near the harbour that the cool breeze from the sea (i always leave one window open) has put me to sleep quite easily. it reminded me of home, where my room is facing the mountain, thus, the fresh air at night.
can you imagine me sleepy at ten or even nine in the evening?
i would have luved to live there, but it was quite far from the office. also, there's no mtr yet. only buses and cabs ply its sleepy routes.


anyway, last night, after a few hours in bed and reading henry miller's crazy cock, sleep remained elusive. so i decided to join the party. what's that cliche again? if you can't lick 'em, fuck 'em. haha. sorry for the french.
i grabbed a jacket, shirt and put on perfume and presto i was at a bar called swindlers where a filipino band was playing old time (karaoke and disco) favourites such as dancing queen, mamma mia, i will survive, etc. take note, the etc here is very very important. haha.

at around midnight, hong kong's pretty young things  or pyts started trickling down.
first, a group of five -- two young men (one stocky and another one's stalky) and twenty something gurls. they were obviously drunk. all foreigners. don't know which country.
one of them, a lindsay lohan look alike minus the freckles (blonde wearing slutty clothes, bad make up and knee high boots), was so drunk that upon arriving, she started harassing the boys in the band by gyrating like a pole dancer in front of them and lifting her blouson to reveal quite a massive pair of boobs. i think she was also stoned.
even when it was a bit dark, i could see the cute chinito guitarist slash singer blushing. you know how filipino boys are. aggressive women make them blush. haha.
then after that, lindsay approached other men seated at the bar and in other tables. she either did a lap dance or a strip tease.
instead of stopping her, her friends even videotaped and took pictures of her. luvly!
the waiters were so alarmed, they asked them to leave.
but lindsay and company were undaunted. instead of leaving, they strutted noisily on what looked like a dance floor, sang along with the band, drank like it's the end of the world.
lindsay even approached my table, offered me a drink (i took it and drank it straight) and started flirting with me: "you are sooo luvly. oh so luvly," she told me while her tongue was licking her wet, red lips. i was amused. then when she noticed that i just stared at her, with zero interest, she left me alone for the rest of the night.


then another group of pyts arrived. there were three of them, a gurl (who looked and was dressed like blake lively i swear. she looked classy unlike slutty lindsay) and two boys, one of them reminded me of gorgeous british actor alex pettyfer -- tall, lean, curly blond hair.

alex was wearing a long-sleeve blue shirt tucked under fading black skinny jeans. he was so fabulous that if i were a movie producer, i would sign him up right away for a film with the real lindsay lohan.
upon seeing alex, lindsay (the look alike) began flirting with him, annoying blake look alike. to be fair, alex looked uncomfortable to the drunk lindsay's advances.
the three of them sat at a table right next to me and chatted with me while having a drink -- beer, tequilla, vodka, i lost count. they also kept on giving me drinks that i ended up drunk but paid only for one beer (the very first one that i consumed before they came in).
i got their names - raquel, jim (the alex pettyfer look alike) and kyle.
jim looked even better up close. they were from australia.
when i shook jim's hand, i fought the urge to kiss him.

at around two, as more people came in, lindsay and her friends were finally kicked out of the bar after they broke a few glasses and bottles of beer and annoyed some customers (women mostly).
jim, kyle and raquel invited me to go to another bar.
we went around wanchai. unfortunately, most of the bars -- coyote, agave, typhoon, were already closed or were closing down.
we ended up at escape, where the gurls outnumbered the boys. i was starting to feel dizzy, sleepy. good thing jim and kyle were gentlemen enough to hold me when i nearly fell off the stairs when we were going down to escape. raquel, quiet raquel, hardly spoke. when our eyes would meet, she would just smile sweetly. i bet she wasn't threatened by my presence. haha.


at nearly four, we called it a night.
i invited jim to stay the night at my temporary shelter, but he politely declined with a wink and a choir boy smile. he told me that he and kyle had to take raquel home. nice boys, don't you think?
i don't know if he was just being super nice, but jim asked for my number and promised to call me for a party on new year's eve.
unfortunately, i was so drunk that i think i gave him my mobile number in manila.


(ps: photos appearing in this post are not mine. they are taken from various web sites. no copyright infringements intended. please inform the author if you want them removed. thank you.)


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