i'm glad you'll soon be gone

i have been seduced.
not just once

or twice

oh, never mind how many times.
been tempted..
been promised..
the biggest land

when in fact, it was nothing
but a tiny patch..
oh, never mind, the size.
my lips are full, anyway.

yes, i have been naughty
never been nice.
so many times
i have seen men rise

only to turn into mice.
oh well, lowell...
aren't we glad it's all over soon.
no, i am not talking
about these beautiful creatures standing in two (sometimes three) legs.
or green
but always
 oh so wild

no, no, no
i am not talking about these men either
who could turn a cold, dreary, lonely winter night
into a blissful, sun-drenched summer even at ungodly hours.

funny creatures
aren't they?
can't live with them
but definitely, can't survive without them...

oh no,
i am talking about you
yes, you
in a few days you will be totally gone
like ever..
sorry, but you have been one unlucky year
so far, for this fabulous queen.

please go away
the sooner, the better
so i can celebrate
and shout
to the coming year!

(all the pictures are taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended. so please don't sue the newly-employed fairy like me, who is working her huge ass off in hong kong.)


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