kindred souls

 calamities, natural or otherwise, notwithstanding, the world is still a great place to live.
(i say this with all honesty. with all the courage i can muster. i hate baring my soul for all the world to see. you see, i have always been shy.
mainly because of all the kindred souls around.
souls ready to take care of you when you need it most, when you least expect it.
i am thankful i always have these people with generous spirits to rely on when things hit rock bottom.
when all i can see is darkness. ok, maybe a bit too dramatic. but you know what i mean.

these are friends who take you for what you are - warts and all. i luv this cliche, by the way.
friends who won't abandon you in an hour of great need even if you have lost any human connection for centuries.
friends who are ready to put their life at stake just to save you.
i am thankful for them. they are just too many to count.
or too few to cherish.
and strangers too. who trust you even before they know you.
i luv them all.
here's hoping that in our next life, you will still choose to be my friends.
even if sometimes, i am not.
through this post, i am expressing my delight at having met you.
thank you - that's from the bottom of this tiny organ known as the heart.
it beats with your kindness, it is warm with your luv.
in this dreary, seemingly endless, winter night.
happy holidays.
may all our dreams come true!

(fotos not mine. no copyright infringements intended)


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