luvly nyt

last nyt was a blast. no, it was nearly perfuct.
a friend wined and dined me at the tott (talk of the town) bar and restaurant at excelsior hotel. the place was stunning with a great view of the victoria harbour, a jazz band and a romantic ambiance. it was perfect for connecting with friends, exchanging vows with a luv one or in our case simply to hang out and watch hong kong's stunning landscape at night and its gorgeous people in their chic outfits parade around (, they don't).

as usual, we talked about what happened during the past thirteen months that we have not seen each other.  yes, it was her who counted the months perfectly. i am poor in math. so there.
anyway, i like tott. there was a band (surprisingly they are australians, not filipinos, which is quite unusual as most bars here have the talented pinoys entertaining their guests. oh well) that played mostly jazzy numbers, some of which i am not familiar with.
dress code is smart casual, what ever that means. i was simply in my dark jeans, v-neck brown sweater topped with a black jacket, all courtesy of h&m; brown leather shoes and rl scarf (blue and red).
because we were busy talking, i forgot to have our picture taken. so i just downloaded these pictures from the internet just to give you a glimpse of the place.
(if you are curious, you can always fly here and i will take  you there. drinks on me..hahaha..)

we sat on a huge, comfortable sofa that made me feel as though we were just lounging at a friend's place with waiters at our beck and call (as if!) and a band serenading us. luvly!

i had a late lunch here before and i remember the food was great. but tott was transformed into something magical at night -- what with all the lights illuminating the victoria harbour (hong kong is famous for its well-lit cityescape at nyt), the dimly lit bar inside and the well-dressed crowd.
we both lyked the place so much, we were planning to hold a new year's eve party here, the better way to end two thousand eleven with a bang!
of course, it would be fun to watch the fireworks along the harbour as hong kong celebrates the coming of the new year.
that's all! happy new year to everyone!

(in case you haven't noticed, i used the word "perfect" several times. luvly!)


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