taiwan youth

the last three days, i have been watching a few really good coming of age taiwanese films. i am so drawn to this genre because it reminds me of my own follies. when the most trivial things would put me on the edge, would mean a life and death situation. or maybe that's just me, the drama queen even before lindsay lohan coined the words. haha. chos.
anyway, for cineastes out there who are looking for a little diversity, i highly recommend these films. they are well written, well acted and the young actors are really gorgeous. they are all about first love, first crush or first infatuation, among other problems of the young.

blue gate crossing. quiet, charming, elegant. soulful. i luv!

winds of september. naughty. funny. tragic. (reminds me of mario de los reyes' bagets in the 80s)

you are the apple of my eye.  in the same mold as winds of september, only longer. funnier.

eternal summer. another favourite. gay themed, but everyone can relate. watch and weep.

that's all.
have a luvly week fairies, bitches, princesses, queens and wannabes!


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