new thai hottie

thai guys are among the hottest in the world. just look at mario maurer.
anyway, i watched this crappy thai film (full of cliches. the biggest problem of the movie? the woman is in luv with the guy, but he is seven years younger than her. my gosh!) because of him.
he is really cute - boyish, innocent looking, virginal, the kind of boy who will cook your favourite food, send sweet messages on your mobile every now and then, sing you to sleep, bring you flowers. ekkkkkkkk!)
just look at his pictures.

his name? kinda hard to pronounce, but carry na rin. phuphom phongpanu. di ba ang hirap? parang tongue twister lang ang peg! pero ang face naman nya, josh.

fantabulous, right?


here's the trailer of that never mind film if you care:


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