monotony's hymn

the pain of life.
the boredom of monotony.
wake up, have coffee,
sometimes a hearty meal
(to last us twenty four slash seven; what a joke!)
take a shower, or bath,
shave, put on new clothes
stiff, clean and well pressed
shoes, bag
tick tock
tick tock
there goes
the clock
eight, nine, ten hours
flushed into the drain
another day wasted
staring into the void
of our made up lies
then go home
eat dinner
take a shower or bath
(sometimes go out with friends and lovers)
but still the same,
at the end of the day
we sleep and rest
our tired body, mind and soul
one with nature
once more
life is an endless
march of all
the stupidities
that have piled
up for centuries
i long for the day
when i no longer have
to wake up and do the same
things all over again


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