anne saves batman

the movie can test your patience.
at nearly three hours and too much talk, i almost walked out. good thing there was the woman in a sexy outfit (more of her later.)
don't get me wrong - i luv christian bale. he makes every role count, even something as ridiculous as a billionaire crusader in a stupid costume. ching!
and after watching memento several years ago, i admired christopher nolan both as a director and a storyteller. he knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat - involve you in every scene. he is a thinking woman's director. chos.
but the dark knight rises, the finale in the resurrected batman saga, is simply a colossal disappointment.
it's too long. too grande. too ambitious. too.....for my simple, uninitiated, short spanned mind. (it wants to say a lot of things: the state of global politics, stock market manipulation, occupy wall street. kahilo.)
i could barely understand what batman and bane were saying in most of their scenes. maybe i am bungol na. hahahaha.
and the ending, my gosh! what a letdown.
i luv marion cottilard, dearly. i celebrated with champagne when she won the coveted oscar for playing edith piaf. but here, as batman's secret (or surprise) nemesis, she is simply unbelievably miscast.
good thing there is anne hathaway.
when i read somewhere that she was playing catwoman, i had my misgivings.
sure she is a good actress (watch her in rachel getting married and you will agree).
but as catwoman. hello?! in my book, michelle pfeiffer is catwoman. no other actress can play her as perfectly as michelle.
anne, however, changed all that.


before i could even send a text message to chris nolan protesting anne's miscasting (chos), there is she. marvelous as a villain/temptress/ could ever be.
luckily for us, she appeared right after the breathtaking opening scene in a plane(s) (the best action sequence so far. but then, i haven't watched that much action slash superhero movies. so there. but that scene alone is already worth the price of watching the film.) and she captivated me.
anne as catwoman, to say the least, had me at "oops!"

she is simply gorgeous, stunning, sexy, girlie.
watch her in her body hugging catsuit and pointy stilettos.
omg! she inspires me to be catwoman in next year's masquerade ball to welcome two thousand two hundred thirteen in ibiza. chos!
i know she can carry clothes well, as proven by the devil wears prada movie. but watch her in the airport scene where she channels audrey hepburn glam - wow!

to anne, i am not a fan, but you are simply awesome as catwoman!


here's the trailer:


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