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watched the talented mr. ripley again, anthony minghella's adaptation of partricia highsmith's 1955 novel. the film is a visual feast - beautiful locations, luvly fashion  and gorgeous actors in fabulous outfits (except one. read on).
and the soundtrack is awesome.

what could have been a perfect film was ruined by matt damon's miscasting. first of all, he doesn't resemble jude law. not a bit. so having all those people mistook him for jude sounded silly and ridiculous. even harder to swallow than a frozen margarita with too much alcohol. matt also lacks jude's magnetic presence on screen. you simply can't keep your eyes away from him, whether shirtless or not, swimming, boating, or playing with his instrument.

in fact, after matt killed jude's character, the movie has become a big bore - not even the luminous cate blanchett and gwyneth paltrow(both dressed flawlessly and luxuriously like blonde goddesses) could save it.

anyway, here is the trailer of the movie. i still enjoyed it though, mainly because of mr. mighella's (luv his the english patient, by the way) expert direction and the glamourous locations in italy. i luv to get lost in that beautiful country (venice, florence, rome) full of beautiful creatures one day. before i cross the bar.

when i saw this movie for the first time decades ago, i wanted to quit my job, migrate to europe and live like a bum (pretend to write  a book or compose music). but then how will i survive? through the generosity of strangers? i hate the thought of becoming a leech like tom ripley. chos!

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