sexy hong kong

i can't believe it.
hong kong has actually allowed this very provocative billboard to be displayed prominently on one of its busiest hubs just to drum up interest for the opening of abercrombie and fitch!
(store's opening in august, by the way. reports said its gorgeous male models will be in town. so to the gay squad, feel free to cum and celebrate! chos.)
if it were in the "conservative" manille full of hypocrites, moralists and unenlightened politicians who think we are still living in the dark ages, this billboard would have made such a ruckus: with politicians and their ilk asking for its removal - pronto! - because it will pollute the minds of the youngs. as if!

i luv! it was one of those pleasant surprises that you can't just shake off.
the store will be in central, near the mtr station along pedder street (where shanghai tang used to be.)


here's the photo of the billboard (taken from a friend's facebook account). it occupies almost the entire height of the building. so iconic!

in the meantime, let the sexy abercrombie boys entertain you while waiting for the store to open its doors.


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