skinned alive: almodovar at his best

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even after watching a number of his movies (notably volver and talk to her), i still found myself speechless, mesmerized and hyptonized by pedro almodovar's latest offering: the skin i live in.
the twists and turns were simply amazing, like magic. unbelievable and yet so real (at least in the realm of almodovar's films).
truly, almodovar is one of today's best storytellers like japanese novelist haruki murakami.
just suspend your disbelief, never mind the critics who don't like the movie, and enjoy the ride. almodovar will take you to places in the human heart that no one has ever been, not even himself i think. (no psycho analysis intended for this one..haha)

antonio banderas, who used to be almodovar's favorite and starred in a number of his movies when the then young actor was still spain's hottest property, was perfect for his role as the doctor (plastic surgeon. does that make him a doctor?) avenging his daughter's death. i've never seen evil as delectable as he is, yet still remained human after what he has done.

intrigued? please watch if you can. you won't regret it.
here is the trailer:

oh, and there's a cameo by a filipino servant who spoke tagalog after they were dismissed from their jobs. does it mean that pedro luvs filipinos too? or it simply means that he has a filipino servant at home that he wants to fire but can't? chos!
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