almodovar's latest muse and obra

no, it's not someone as voluptuous and as pouty as penelope cruz (who starred in a number of his films notably broken embraces and volver). rather it's a twenty nine -year old former model whose handsome physique has landed him in several ads, movies and teevee shows in his home country in spain.
that's right, fairies, bitches, witches and princesses, just like antonio banderas (when he was young and soo yummy) before him, jan cornet is pedro almodovar's latest muse and is in his newest obra titled the skin i live in. some critics say the movie, also starring the charming antonio banderas, pays homage to hitchcock (don't you just luv his name? sounds like that of a porn stud, don't you think?) and other old masters of film making.

unlike other young reluctant stars, the gorgeous jan already knows right from the start that he wants to be an actor and live different lives in front of the camera.

"i was truly interested in the kind of life that actors lead, the fact that they had to relate to different characters, and living the lives of other period for a while," he said in a recent vogue interview.

i am a big fan of almodovar and his movies. although i speak no spanish except the basics (habla, para que, si, que horor), i have seen almost all of his films, drawn by his weird but luvable characters (a pregnant nun, a transvestite with a son, a suicidal mum, a luvlorn young lad in luv with an older gay man, an avenging young man still obsessed with an older woman) and his twisted story telling.
and i am not alone in my adoration of almodovar. cannes and other film festivals worldwide luv him and so is the new york times and other cineastes anywhere in the universe.
going back to jan, i hope to see him more in the future. i just hope he won't waste his talents in hollywood. he should learn from antonio, who starred in nothing but mostly hollywood trashy films.
more pictures of jan. enjoy!

look at those eyes that pierce through your soul and weep!

that boyish charm with a hint of naughtiness.
i luv him already..

(all pictures are taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended. so please don't sue the jobless, indigent me.)


here is the trailer of the skin i live in. (i am excited!)


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