*a sense of an ending

(let me channel oprah with this post.)

somehow we know when something is about to end. 
be it a relationship, a career, a great time, a luvly vacation. 
we dread it for sure. who wants to end something that is good, fun and luvly in the first place? but such is the cycle of life. we get rid of something old to make room for something new. (oh please, i know i sound like a hall mark card.)
i always believe that if something is not working anymore, then no matter how much it hurts, just let it go. sometimes, letting go does not mean saying goodbye. 
rather, it's just the start of something else. 
it will hurt at first, yes, but we learn to live with it.
life, after all, is nothing but a series of goodbyes, of letting go. of getting hurt.
having said this -- i am setting  you free.
now you can stop pretending.
...........thank you for the memories. 

*my apologies to julian barnes


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