how do i read thee?

in between job hunting online; job interviews thru skype or over the phone or face-to-face; bouts of insomnia, self-doubt and depression; meeting friends over coffee or beer or jollibee chicken joy; watching movies; updating my wardrobe; and, cruising in the river styx -- i find the time to read books, i mean novels. a lot. i have never read this much for as long as i can remember.

so far i have finished these (oh please, no bragging rights intended):

this book is unputdownable. a page turner despite its volume (900 plus pages), out-of-this-world characters and twists, and an ambitious scope. murakami is a master of suspenseful writing. it's like watching a telenovela. there is always a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter that will keep you awake until you reach the last page. 
(will write a separate post on this one...not a review, mind you, but sort of a note..i don't think i can ever muster the courage or even attempt to write  a review on this one. i simply feel so..what's the word for it... inadequate?)

(i can totally relate to mr. orwell. my version would be, down and out in makati and malate. by the way, i can't find a copy of his 1984. why? banned by big brother?)

(my third time to read this murakami masterpiece. i am still looking for the dvd of its film adaptation. sigh!)

(a favourite. marquez is a genius. i always read this book every time i feel down and out just like mr. orwell. it never fails to stoke my wild imagination and transport me to another world.)

(set in an italian villa in the late 60s, when the young ones engaged in free luv, dope and endless sex. i was born too late, darn!)

(my second time to read this. i read it four years ago when i was stranded at a singapore airport and fell in luv with it. sadly, her second book, gourmet, was not as interesting.)

(i luv banana's writing style: melancholic, sad, short, sweet and simple. leaves you craving for more. i have read all of her works from kithen to np..)

(all things pinoy and pop, i luv! her sense of humour never fails to amuse me. reading her prose is like talking with her while having coffee and doughnuts.)

(supposedly based on the life of a certain u.s. first lady. a good follow up to ms. sittenfeld's earlier hit,  the interesting prep.)

(ok, i have a thing for martin at the moment. he is my author for this season. this one's a comedy, much like confederacy of the dunces..)

and these two about luv of the third kind:

(i have seen the movie adaptation of this book with matthew goode and emma thomson. i didn't like it..)

(a mind-boggling read. twisted and fun! took me a while to finish it..)

currently reading:

(i am not a baseball fan, but this one's a fun ride so far. the prose is perfect, not too intellectual considering that the author is one of the founders of a literary review magazine in new york.)

and this one by david foster wallace (i know, i know, i haven't even finished yes his infinite jest. but it's such an intimidating book! this one's a bit boring though. or maybe that's just me, the pretentious book worm...)

and has set aside this one (i am stuck at page 52. sorry mr. hitchens!)

oh well, lowell..that's all!
have a great weekend to all of you bitches, princesses, fairies, angels and witches!

(all the pictures are taken from the internet, so please don't sue the poor, indigent me.)


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