nowhere man

i am still, so to speak, at the airport lounge.
waiting for my plane to arrive.
i haven't picked the destination yet. i let fate decide all that.
though i won't mind if it doesn't arrive at all.
i could stay here for good.
after all, this is my home.
or is it?

yes, in the past few months, i have been in transit.
my things are still unpacked.
most of my clothes, shoes and bags are still inside suitcases. i am not even buying anything yet because a.) i might run out of money while waiting for my train/bus/plane; b.) i don't have a room for anything else in my tiny tiny temporary flat in an old building where the lobby reeks of body odor, cigarette smoke and alcohol. where even the snobbish cockroaches and rats won't dare tread; c.) i simply don't have the appetite to buy anything. it's as if all my material desires have been extinguished. like totally.
i am not complaining though. it's nice to be out of one's comfort zone once in a while.

let's just say it's an adventure.
a thrilling ride. so far.
for a change, it's nice to wake up with nothing to do or nowhere to go or nobody to meet. sounds boring, but we all do what we have to do. or in my case, do nothing at all. just wait.
it's a new thing for the hardworking, competitive, ambitious me. hahaha. kidding. you all know that i don't have a competitive bone in my body. nor do i have any ambitions.
what am i trying to say exactly?
i. am. neither. here. nor. there.

in the meantime, here is nowhere man from the beatles:

(*the picture of the airport lounge above is from the internet. no copyright infringement intended.)


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