armie kisses leo

fabulously wealthy and gorgeous in every way, armie hammer is hollywood's latest hottest actor. everyone wants a piece of him, even superstar leonardo de caprio.
leo got to kiss armie in the clint eastwood-directed film about the life of former fbi head j. edgar hoover. armie plays his right hand and rumoured luver clyde tolson.

of course every writer, every fan wants to know how he felt when he locked lips with lothario leonardo, who has dated some of the most coveted women in the world. in fact, every article about him and the film always had the kissing scene peg as the major selling point. as if!
“it just felt like kissing,”  armie was quoted by new york magazine in an interview. “i also had to shoot a machine gun in the movie, but nobody asks about that.” 
(click here for the new york magazine article on armie hammer:

i won't be surprised if armie, who will next star opposite julia roberts in a remake of disney's beloved snow white, will soar even higher in the coming months and even make it to people's sexiest man alive following the footsteps of brad pitt, george clooney and matt damon (all starred in the ocean's 11 series).

that's all! have a great working week ahead fairies, bitches, witches, goddesses and princesses.
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