ryan gosling's romantic metamorphosis

what a way to start the week.
woke up with the news that libya's ruthless ruler muammar gaddafi (or moammar gadhafi depending on which newscast you are watching), who led the country with an iron fist for more than 40 years, would finally be kicked out from power.
well, i had a luvly weekend.
finally caught the rom-com crazy, stupid luv lured by this scene: a naked ryan gosling inside a sauna lecturing the clueless steve carell on how to win the hearts of women and sleep with them eventually.

                                     (please remove your head, we too want a better view!)

the scene ended with steve carell's face banging right where it matters most, in between ryan's smooth powerful legs. the lucky basterd!
indeed ryan's well-sculpted abs stole the entire movie from other noteworthy actors in the cast: carell, julianne moore, emma stone and marissa tomei (in a short but marked role). every time he appeared shirtless, i was totally distracted that i would forget about the movie and the other actor(s) in the scene.
i could totally relate to emma stone's reaction when she saw him half naked: seriously? is it photoshopped?

he looked glorious as well dressed in those well-cut gq suits that emphasized his lean, long torso. i almost ran to the nearest sastre in greenbelt to have a new suit after watching the movie.


ryan first caught my wandering eyes in the sandra bullock starrer murder by numbers, where he, along with another pretty boy michael pitt, stole the movie like totally from the ham actress (my apologies to sandra's fans, but i find her boring. in my book, she is a non-actress and is languishing in the same category as jennifer aniston, who is more famous for her hairstyle than for her acting skills!).
ryan and michael (who was adorable and daring as the dreamy movie fanatic in bernardo bertulucci's the dreamers. watch it sisters, michael and french hottie louis garrel stripped naked in some scenes.) played murderers in the film, the most gorgeous pair of criminals to ever grace my consciousness.
of course, ryan's star wattage increased when he appeared in the blockbuster hit the notebook as noah, the outsider who romanced the starry eyed wasp, rachel mcadams. the weepy melodrama won ryan a strong fanbase composed mostly of  teen-age gurls, women and gays.


but instead of cashing in on his newfound fame, the reluctant star did smaller, off the radar films that showcased his talent: half nelson (as a drug-addict teacher) and lars and the real girls (as a loner who was having a relationship with a life-sized sex doll), among others. his gamble paid off because he was nominated for an oscar best actor in half nelson and won raves from critics in lars.
last year, he was in another oscar worthy film blue valentine opposite the luminous and one of the best actresses of her generation michelle williams.
crazy, stupid love therefore served as ryan's return to more accessible, fan pleasing genre playing a valentino who played with women only to fall in luv really hard in the end. cliche, i know. in fact, the entire film is a series of cliches played out by an outstanding cast. so ok na rin.

after this, we will see more of ryan gosling in the ides of march, drive and gangster squad.
oh well, it seemed the reluctant former disney child star has finally embraced his calling.
to our delight, of course!

(all pics taken from the internet. pls don't sue the poor, indigent me.)


here's the trailer for the ides of march where he starred along with acting heavyweights george clooney and philip seymour hoffman:

and the poignant blue valentine:


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