overheard, overjoyed

i have nothing against filipinos who speak in english, after all it is the language of the learned, according to a controversial newspaper article.
what irritates me are those who try so hard to speak it even if they are having a hard time, even if they can do it in filipino (para mas madaling magkaintindihan) because they are talking with another filipino naman and there are no foreigners in the group.
i only take out my limited english when i am with foreigners (of course naman ano?), otherwise i speak in filipino. basta filipino ang kausap ko, i try to speak in filipino too. queze hodang hindi nila ako maintindihan o sagutin nila ako in english! quever!
anyway, i don't begrudge filipinos who speak perfect english. that's their right. vakeet ako maiinggit anoh! eh marunong din akong mag inglis! haha.
but please, don't look down on us who can't speak it well because we are poor and our parents are too busy earning a living washing the dishes of the rich, thus, they have no time to teach us the abc nor the money to hire a tutor who will teach us the language of the so-called elites who, by the way, are living in a third world country, where majority is poor and speaks only filipino or its variations.
so anyway, this is not a critique about languages, god knows i am not an expert on that one. i leave it to the learned to debate on it.
instead i will share to you some conversations i overheard while walking and hanging around the metropolis in search for a job, a cute guy, or simply to while away time. ang mainis talo, ang matawa ingat baka mautot ka!

(a girl talking to another guy at starbucks in greenbelt 4. both are filipinos by the way.)
girl : i was telling him nga to you know...
guy : what..
girl : basta to ano..to yong gawin yong ano..
this went on and on with the girl unable to say what she wanted to say because she can't find the words in english. annoyed, i transferred to another table, as far away as possible from them. mga echosera!


(a girl on the cellphone, talking while walking inside rustan's in makati, near the ralph lauren shop.)
girl : di ba i told you i can't make it bukas kasi i have a doctor. (ang yaman mo day, nakabili ka ng sarili mong doctor! may ganun?!)


(a boy and a girl, both working as sales executives for a local property firm that hired an american socialite famous for her sex video to design its latest project. i was actually with them at a coffee shop at ayala triangle garden.)

girl : i am half filipino. my father is from belgium and i grew up there.
guy : so you are half belgium pala.
girl :  no, half belgian.
guy: i thought sabi mo your dad is from belgium.
me : (can't help myself because the girl was hesitant to correct him) people from belgium are called belgians (i wanted to explain further, but i think he got it).
guy : ah okey. sorry, medyo wala ako sa sarili ko sa dami ng work. so marunong kang mag spanish?
(sayang cute pa naman yong guy. bigla nawala ang crush ko sa kanya!)


(a congresswoman who was so mad at a former teevee journalist now a communications official for the government during a budget hearing.)

congresswoman: (after berating the ex teevee host for his arrogance in answering her questions)..."you are on the other side of the shoe now...blah blah..."


have a great long-weekend goddesses, witches, bitches, fairies and the like. as for me, i will brush up on my english by hiring no less than kate middleton to be my tutor!

footnote: pls don't ask me anong kinalaman ng mga sexy pics sa post na ito. wala lang, fil sionil ko lang.
(all pictures taken from the internet. pls don't sue the poor, indigent me.)


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