new kid in town

(please read while listening to the eagle's new kid in town. just scroll down below to play the song.)

some boys, indeed, have all the luck.
blessed with a pedigree that's close to a royalty, boyish american good looks that even robert pattinson would die for, and a lean, long body that could turn teen-age gurls into frenzy, seventeen-year old patrick schwarzenegger has it all. and more.
his dad is hollywood superstar arnold schwarzenegger famous for his terminator series (he is also a former mr. universe and governor of california), while his mom is a member of the revered kennedy clan, maria shriver, a journalist and author.
already, patrick is creating a buzz in hollywood by appearing shirtless in a giant billboard for hudson jeans, displayed prominently along the famous sunset boulevard.

patrick, who will turn eighteen next month, has also founded a clothing company project360 when he was just fifteen, using it as a springboard for his various charitable projects. apparently, ten percent of the company's sales go to charity.

details magazine in its may 2011 issue quoted patrick: "my grandmother always said," patrick recalls, "when you receive a paycheck, you always have to put a certain amount to your savings, and ten percent right away to charity."
grandma is of course eunice kennedy shriver, founder of the special olympics, which provides training and competitions for people with intellectual disabilities.

as if these were not enough, the fabulous patrick has also signed up with agency l.a. models that could see him starring in high profile ad campaigns for armani and ralph lauren. luvly!

while he is still deciding whether to pursue a career in showbiz or get a degree first in some ivy league institutions (harvard?), in my book, i am already shoving the asses of robert pattinson and chace crawford out of the door. they have stayed long enough. 

oh well, lowell, just as well. i think he is best suited becoming another jfk jr., that is, pursuing a career in law, publishing or politics while charming the hearts of gurls, gays (out or otherwise) and women all over the world!

that's all bitches, witches, fairies, princesses and goddesses. have a luvly weekend. be safe! stay wet, i mean, dry and indoors while the super typhoon is raging.

(all pictures were taken from the internet, so please don't sue the poor, jobless me.)

here is new kid in town for those young enough not to know who the eagles are/were:


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