stylish looks for the scorching summer

from, i picked some of the hottest looks for the coming scorching summer days. enjoy!

- florals. shirts, shorts, shoes. doesn't matter. but remember, please don't overdo it. one floral print is enough. pair it with something plain and dark (or even bright in the hues of blue and yellow).

these shoes are divine!

-- gorgeous man bags are in. in leather.
in case you didn't get the memo, real men wear bags nowadays what with all the essential stuff and tools that you need to carry with you all the time: iphones, ipads, keys, laptops, books, perfumes, magazines, lip balm, etc.

and mirrored sunglasses as well. like this one from rayban.


some of the looks that will make a splash anywhere, even on the beach.

(love the navy blue blazer and the shoes!)

(i love everything about him: the very summery suit (seersucker), the slick hair, the dark glasses, the watch, the tan, the attitude. how very gatsby!)

(chequered blazer over white shirt and jeans. terrific. it doesn't hurt either that he's just gorgeous!)

(all pictures were taken from the details online edition. no copyright infringement intended. please click here for more.)


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