another (street) fashion post for the hot summer days ahead

(please play summer breeze -- below -- while reading this post to put you in the mood. it's one of my favourites, by the way, when imagining about those easy, breezy summer afternoons of youth.)

i never really like the idea of a denim on denim look. that is, denim jacket over denim jeans; or denim shirt over denim jeans; or all together. it's just too brokeback mountain. though i have to admit that jake gyllenhaal looks dashing on those denims, whether he is riding a horse while leading a pack of sheep, or lusting after heath ledger from a distance.
but lately, call it mid-life crisis, i have been lusting after the denim on denim look. maybe because i love wearing the blues : shirts, shoes, jackets, bags, scarves, sweaters. even the blue mood suits me well.
so i scanned fashion pages after fashion pages to come up with the great looks for the torching summer days and nights ahead, and for the whole of two thousand fourteen.
yes, i am declaring it boldly, as mahatma gandah as my witness, we will see a lot of blues and denims in two thousand fourteen, the year of the green horse.
in fact, two thousand fourteen will be the year of the blue jeans, denim (and chambray too. you are a true fashionista if you know the difference between denim and chambray.) shirts and jackets. no chos!


here are some denim on denim looks that i found to-die-for. even jake and his pack of sheep would approve.

aren't they grand?

what's more, none of these looks screams brokeback from a mile away, right?


even the gorgeous jake is caught wearing them off the set and on the busy streets of new york.

but how i wish the jeans are tighter, fitter to flatter his shapely legs and the bulge in between them.


this denim shirt from burberrry prorsum is divine.

it kicks some asses when worn this way:

see what i mean?

fabulous, right? you can wear them even inside the board room. but please tuck the shirt inside your pants first. trust me, you will look more gorgeous and stylish.


now, if you're still not convinced about the denim on denim look despite jake's seal of approval, you can try wearing denim jacket over beige pants.

i love everything about this look: jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes. it's subtle but fantabulous nevertheless. perfect for the summer at the beach, mountains or at the mall. very preppy. 


things to remember when wearing denim jeans.

1. make sure it fits your body perfectly. never too loose, never too tight.
2. nothing beats sexy than jeans that hug your well-shaped legs and emphasize the bulge in between them. trust me, ladies, gays and even other men will lust after you.
3. prefer dark jeans over light coloured ones for a slimmer, shapelier look.

4. avoid distressed jeans, especially those with a lot of stitchings. the busier the jeans, the lousier they get. they're so eighty's  but not in a good way.

while the jeans are a big no-no (except for the third one on the right), the jackets though, in the above photo, are fabulous! wear one during those cold, rainy nights.
5. pair jeans with sneakers, dark leather shoes, boat shoes, even flip flops (only when you are in a beach). but never crocs. ever!


faded jeans are lovely, but please be very careful on what to wear alongside with them. this one is flawless: the military inspired jacked, the sweater, the shoes. great for rainy days, minus the shades. but if you insist on wearing one to protect your eyes, go ahead. shades, in my book, especially the classique raybans (just like levi's jeans), are sexy any time of the day, for any season.

that's all!

(all photos were taken from different websites. no copyright infringements intended.)


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