lazy, sweet summer days (& romantic nights)

ah it's almost summer. while the breeze is still a bit cool especially early in the morning (that's the time i usually go home so i know what i am talking about), there is no doubt that the scorching days are near. in fact, nights have become shorter and days are starting to be longer.

for the fun summer days, i started searching for wonderful outfits that will fit the easy summer days, then the romantic nights with strangers at a street corner, at a mall, at the beach or in the mountains (sagada, banaue, baguio, tagaytay).


while cruising through the streets of the sartorialist avenue, i saw this pic and fell in love with it. i love the total look, especially the white cotton dress and the converse, how they conveyed coolness to a higher level. i like the bag too and the swept up hair. how's that for the low maintenance look?

this is what dressing should be all about: simple, effortless but still fab. if i were a girl, i would fill my closet with flowing dresses (in soft, light fabrics) in whites, blues, yellows and purples. the colours of summer. lovely!

then sneakers, sandals, stilettos and bags, lots of them. nothing fancy though, just simple utilitarian bags that could carry my books, phone, laptop, perfume,  lipstick and what have you. no lvs or bvs.

this is perfect for lazy weekend walks at the mall or your favourite street, hanging out with bffs at the coffee shop or just standing alone, like her, while waiting for her destiny.

(if you like bags like this, please check out the bleach store at the second floor of greenbelt five. they have really cool shopping bags that are reasonably priced like the one below)


for a romantic evening with chace crawford,  takeshi kaneshiro, tom sturridge or piolo pascual (quever if piolo and i would be wearing the same outfit), this is how i would love to look like:

i love how the cliched white and black combination was given a new twist. i adore the fact that the hat covered the face and it looked like a lampshade in the end. haha. seriously, it's mysterious and at the same time, romantic. at least my date would have a hard time figuring out how i look like underneath. or how i feel. i won't remove it even inside a restaurant or a theatre. that could be done later if things turn out well and if the magic does not wear off.

then i would look like this for him:

instead of an expensive egyptian rug, he could cover me with his naked body to keep me warm. i love!
don't you just love being a woman? i do.

let us swap bodies haha.

that's all, enjoy your weekend fairies, bitches, witches and goddesses!

(all pictures are taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended. so please don't sue the poor, indigent me. we can talk it over coffee.)


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