ejay's edge

unlike many of today's young, trying hard to look and act straight actors (read: pamhinta) at the country's leading network (will somebody pretty please tell these kids and their handlers that they can't fool us. these straight acting kids can't hide their fishy stink by being linked with pretty starlets. chos!), ejay falcon no doubt is the real thing. he looks lyk your typical malambing pero medyo bastos school crush, who always plays basketball without a shirt. sweaty and all.
ejay epitomizes what my luvly bff calls a guy who is "every inch a man."  her words, not mine.


during his pa-cute, pa-heart throb days, he looked as vapid as the next paminta star at his home network.

even if he tried the sexy route:

but look at him now.
bit older, bulky and burly, with long, messy, curly hair.

will somebody please give him a launching film ala richard gere in american gigolo?

but unlyk richard, ejay does not need to wear those fabulous armani suits.
we just want to see him sans clothes.

so we will all discover what he is hiding inside that ohhh so tight fitting jeans. (i can write the script and i won't charge them too much, as long as i will be one of his "clients. haha.)
blush. major, major blush.

(all pictures were taken from the internet. no copyright infringements intended.)


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