luvly, shiny things

after that mind bending exercise from my last post about the central bank's management of liquidity (or too much cash flooding the country's fragile financial system), let's take it easy by looking at pictures i really enjoy. mind you, i have other visual interests other than pictures of men showing off their lean, toned abs while wearing next to nothing.

anyway, it is sunday. to paraphrase or plagiarise a song..."sunday time and the living is easy.."

reminds me of the summer of my childhood when i did nothing the whole day but ride my bike and swim in the beach afterwards. where did it go? i wish there is a parallel universe that i could go to anytime to revisit those days. what's that song again? "i wish i had a time machine..."

it's paris, need i say more?

i luv fashion. i have always wanted to be a designer and create fabulous costumes like this one. unfortunately, i don't have the talent, patience and money to pursue it. 
so i am contented with just looking at pictures and sharing the ones that i luv, like this one. the hat is luvly, the colour is simply fabulous. see, i am beginning to sound like a fashion designer. i am more mcqueen than wang, i think.

speaking of fashion, i would luv these outfits on me (both pics from the satorialist's blog. my apologies):
 unfortunately, i don't have the body, height and the attitude to carry them. sad.
((p.s. i luv shorts. they are my uniform. i wish i could wear them at the office too or at formal functions.))

one of my most favourite films. i luv zooey (especially her name. i wish my parents have read salinger and gave me that name. if not then i would settle for franny.) and joseph. their chemistry is awesome. 
i also luv these movies:

(norwegian wood, adapted from haruki murakami's best selling novel.)
(departures. i watched this in hong kong's ifc cinema and then on dvd. i cried while watching it.)

and those that starred them:
(taiwanese superstar takeshi kaneshiro)

(french heartthrob alain delon)

going back to movies, this one is on top of my list also. sorry, i am a movie geek. i could spend the whole day just watching films, especially those with subtitles. shoshal!
i have always been a fan of ethan and julie. too bad, julie did not make it big in hollywood. we need more actresses like her: low key, talented and luminous. did you see before sunset, the sequel to this one? i luv that scene towards the end when julie sang a song that she composed for ethan's character. fab!
i hope the director, richard linklater would give us the final installment of the films so that there would be some form of closure. otherwise, bitin!

lastly, my dream apartment. i could live here forever. nothings says relax than an airy living room with a comfortable sofa, well chosen accents, high ceiling and covered in white. perfect for small talks with friends while sipping wine or coffee and munching popcorn or cheese. 

or simply lie on the sofa by my lonesome, read haruki murakami or gabriel garcia marquez, while ella fitzgerald, billie holiday or chet baker sings on the background. 
or just do nothing but dream with eyes closed. that will be my heaven on earth.

that's all! happy sunday to all! 


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