alice in twilight land

it's like waking up in a twilight zone. or being inside a movie within a movie directed by joey gosiengfiao, written by pedro almodovar, with the set designed by salvador dali.
sometimes i feel like burying my head ala alice into the rabbit hole just to escape from this sick circus, where the mad hatter it seemed had established his fiefdom.
oh i am not being pretentious here.
you know me better than that!


at the senate hearing, former chairman of the philippine charity sweepstakes office (the government agency in charge of the lottery) manoling morato, dapper in a beige suit, apologised to a senator over a remark he made a few years ago on his tv show. morato apparently called the senator, then running for a senate seat under the opposition, a liar.

the usually feisty morato, who was tongue tied for a few seconds, even asked for his forgiveness. the senator just smiled.
i was disappointed.
i like morato when he is baring his fangs, ready to bite and kill.
oh well rowell.


at his second state of the nation address, president aquino bared that the philippine amusement and gaming corporation (operator of government-owned casinos) under its past managers spent one billion pesos on coffee for its favoured guests.
yes, one billion pesos!
imagine how many roads, schools, houses or hospitals could have been built with that money? how many malnourished children could have been fed or how many poor students could have finished their elementary education?

there were reports that the price of each cup of coffee had been inflated, marked up by as much as 70 percent. scandalous!
i don't want to judge. to each his own.


still at the president's sona, some female lawmakers and guests thought they were shashaying at the oscar's red carpet or at vanity fair's after oscar party with their outfits and costumes.
patalbugan ang mga donya.

if one is not familiar with the state of the economy, or of the philippines, one would think that these people came from a rich country like china or japan, whose citizens could truly afford such dazzling displays of wealth.
to be fair, some exuded glamour even if they toned the bling down and kept it simple, but most of them simply looked bakya, as if their designers and stylists were making fun of them while they were high on acid.
money, indeed, can't buy class!
(please lower your eyebrows now).


the fashion victims at the sona 2011 could very well learn a thing or two from congresswoman lucy torres. simple yet elegant. not much jewelry.
actually, the model slash tv host slash wife of actor richard gomez is a consistent good dresser, even at non-political functions.


a bus fell from the skyway killing its driver and two passengers.
a bullet train in china crashed injuring more than 192 people and killing at least 39.
nine people died when typhoon juaning unleashed its fury in bicol.
it's always the innocents who pay for the sins of the wicked.


former president and now congresswoman gloria macapagal arroyo, who (along with her lawmaker sons and brother-in-law) skipped the sona, was rushed to the hospital due to severe back pains. this was after president aquino delivered his speech in congress.
bitchy observers said arroyo could no longer take aquino's allegations about corruption, mismanagement and misuse of funds during her nine-year term, the second longest in the country's history next to marcos's 20 year reign.

at this point, i wanted to wake up from this nightmare.
or at least ask someone to shut this movie off.
gosiengfiao, almodovar and dali could be too much sometimes.
i could only take so much camp!
but then the movie on my mind had a surprise waiting at the end.
thailand's hottest heartthrob is coming to town.

yes, mario maurer has been signed up by local clothing brand penshoppe as its latest endorser after gossip girl's ed westwick (i'm no fan, by the way, of chuck bass. i luv nate archibald!).


oh well, i could endure a million bad dreams as long as in the end, i will wake up to mario's naughty grin! melt!


(all pics from  the internet. what do they say again, no copyright infringement intended? in other words, please don't waste your time suing me, i have no money.)


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