insignificant, like a tiny elephant

it's regrettable indeed when politicians want to hug the headlines instead of working hard to improve the lives of their constituents.
there are so many problems that are worthy of their (and our) attention, but they choose the controversial ones, the ones that will be blogged, twitted, emailed and broadcasted (these days, we don't just talk. we blog, we twit, we share.). the ones that won't even have an impact on their poverty stricken, debt saddled constituents.

i'm talking about a mayor's decision to take down (he said he did not order them removed) billboards near edsa of men in their underwear because they are "inappropriate" (in what sense? just because they are wearing only briefs to promote an underwear brand?) and after another mayor complained that these are "vulgar" (what's more vulgar is the small mindedness of this politician) and should not be seen by children. the complaining mayor even had the temerity to say that this is not a moral issue and that he is not a moralist. precisely. so what is he complaining about?
while i wholeheartedly agree that  these giant billboards dotting the metropolis are an eyesore (or take your pick: a, they are a distraction from driving; b, relief from the murky pasig or c, they make you forget  how boring your life is. like mine. and e, they pose danger to lives and properties not only during rush hour but also during typhoons), the move reeks of hypocrisy. why only the billboards of these macho athletes in their underwear?  what about those billboards of women in their panties?


what's so vulgar about a photograph of a man in his underwear? don't kids see men in their speedos at the beach or at the pool? don't kids see pictures of men in their underwear on the boxes of these products, on wholesome magazines? don't kids see men in their underwear on tv too?
kids are smart. they know that it is just a picture of a man (or woman) in underwear. there is nothing wrong with it.
of course this issue is not only about the billboards.
there is more.
for one, it is also about discrimination. we all know that these billboards featuring the sexy athletes in their underwear appeal mostly to gay men (and most women?), including myself. ergo, getting rid of them is also discriminating our rights to view and enjoy them. haha.


what's next? they will also ban the annual UP oblation run because of the naked men running around the campus?


it is heartening to note that while this issue has irked a lot of gay men, some of us never lose our sense of humour. some comments on some blogs are so hilarious, i am laughing out loud all by myself.
like these ones:
"pilipinas pilipinas kelan ka ba tatanda hanggang ngayon under 18 ka parin..." (agree.)
"so what do you suggest kung briefs ang ilalagay sa mga billboards along EDSA? nakapantalon silang lahat tapos nakalagay sa ulo ang briefs." (why not?)
"Mag syota siguro and dalawang meyor na  yan." (lol!)
"Mayor ..... (i deleted the name, baka sumikat sya at my expense) should lock his pamangkins in a convent. Or pluck their eyes out to preserve their innoncence."
"kids can pass by safely? bakit ano bang mangyayari sa mga bata kapag dumaan dyan? tutuklawin ba sila ng mga higanteng ahas ng mga volcanoes?" (this one is in reaction to the mayor's twit after the billboards were removed.)
"Pero kung naka-2-pice na Katrina Halili ang naka-display okay lang? Pati pangit na mukha ni Ellen Lising! PAnalo sa double standards!" (my apologies to ms. ellen lising. personally, i find it offensive to make fun of supposedly ugly people. beauty is in the eye of the beholder di vah?)
there also also commenters in these blogs who sound so intellectual, i need to consult my lawyers, consultants and former harvard professors. haha. they talk about zoning, morality, religion, among others.
there is also the mataray na jetsetter who wants to fly overseas because of petty politicians.

as for me?
ho hum....
same old, same old.

because of the attention generated by this issue, i won't be surprised if some politicians would call for a congressional and senate hearing on this in "aid of legislation."
wanna bet?
like a tired defense lawyer, i rest my case.

(photo of volcano athlete taken from the internet.)


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