after learning how to cook a few of my favourite dishes such as the quintessential filipino comfort food adobo (and loving it) while searching for that elusive, challenging job, i also rekindled my love affair with home decoration. yes, virginia, this party girl also has the other side to her -- the homemaker, the domestic goddess, the kitchen fairy, the guardian of all things homely and warm.

a few weeks ago, a friend asked me to fix her newly-bought flat somewhere in the makati financial district. before she could change her mind, i readily said yes. after all, isn't it fun spending someone else's money to shop for nice, pretty and not-exactly-expensive items to spice up the home such as a vase, a side table, a table lamp, a center table, a cover for throw pillows, among others.

to avoid overspending, i worked on a budget. a major challenge, mind you, but i readily took it. after all, class does not always equate with inflated prices. there are beautiful things that are affordable if one just knows where to look, how to look, and how to put them together.

so here are the pics of a friend's flat after i had it done. (i hope my friend won't mind that i am posting these photos).

(the dining table after i removed the green mantel and put up a plant at the centre.)

green is the dominant colour because it's my friend's favourite. i also like it not only because it's easier on the eyes and therefore lovely to look at, green is also gender neutral. oh you know what i mean, blue is for guys and pink is for girls. also, green is the colour of money, so it always brings good luck. trust me, i have tried it so many times and it always works. chos!!

i splurged a bit on the bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases, bed cover because that's where we usually spend most of our time at home. we need to sleep at least eight hours a day, so that's about a third of our day. also, a good night's sleep is priceless, so what's a few more pesos just so we could sleep well. i think i spent about a third of the budget on them.

i opted for a white and petite table lamp and white bed side table to match the white dining set (table and chairs) as well as the colour of the head board. also, it's nice to look at - clean and sleek, without much trying. they don't scream "look at me, i am pretty." chos!

the cover on the throw pillows also matches those of the pillow cases. again, there is a  hint of green, and other colours of summer to break the monotony of the off-white sofa.

the center table is made of hard wood. that matches in a way the earth tone of the mini rug. it also introduces a wood element into the generally glass and steel flat.

to spruce up this little corner next to the terrace, i put a fortune plant, which adds life into the flat. the corner table is a perfect replica of the bed side table, only this one is smaller. i picked the fortune plant because it does not require too much care and attention, unlike say, an orchid. according to the florist, the fortune plant needs to be watered only once a week. it does not need much sunshine, so there is no need to put it outdoors often. once a month will do.

that's all!

vavush!!! enjoy your easter breaks my dahlins!!


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