don't cry for me 2012

i found this picture from the new york times so utterly cute and yet so chilling. i hope one of my favourite newspapers won't sue me for posting this picture here. if!

while asia ex japan remained resilient despite the raging debt crisis in europe, the mix signals coming from the u.s. and the political turbulence that rocked the middle east, it remains to be seen if this year the region would stay relatively healthy. or if china would be able to keep on supporting the rest of the world. or if those economic stimulus measures, monetary easing and loans from the imf, european central bank, would keep the global economy from slipping into a recession.
it is great, of course, to hope for the best (god knows a little optimism will help us along the way, a tiny spark of light in an endless darkness). but the wise always prepares for the worst.
what about you?
or rather, what are you?


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