be careful what you pray for

god (or whoever is up there), indeed, has an uncommon sense of  humor.
(i say this with a grateful heart)
for the past few months, i have been praying for a job overseas. it really doesn't matter if it's in singapore, tokyo, dubai, hong kong, jakarta or new york. it also doesn't matter if it's a writing or editing job, though i always prefer to be a reporter. it also doesn't matter what beat to cover - lifestyle, tourism, new technology, fashion, entertainment, bonds, stocks, currencies or commodities.
gosh, i even applied as a war correspondent in the middle east, but failed to snatch the job when the editor (i was interviewed over the phone) asked me if i've had some combat training. i said no, but told her i've covered the coup d'etat in makati, particularly the one launched by now senator trillanes in oakwood.
plus, i told her, i came from a military family and we lived for a long time inside the military camp where soldiers fired their guns on anyone when they were drunk.
these did not impress her. she wanted a real war, as if the bullets used by trillanes (and his gang of coup plotters) and the soldiers inside the military camp were not real. what's that line again from shylock? if you prick us, do we not bleed?

back to my story.
the past few weeks, i have been super busy. like totally swamped. imagine a farmer who prayed for a little rain to irrigate his farm, but ended up flooded instead. well that's exactly what happened to me.
on top of the daily bond coverage (i am not complaining. i am happy to be busy so i can forget all the bad memories from the last few years that have been hounding me even in my sleep), i did two features for a special asian edition magazine that's coming out next month.
all in all, i have to put extra hours at work and even work on weekends to meet my deadlines.
luckily, i did. even if i was under the weather (it's too cold here the past few days) -- coughing my lungs out, feverish and stuffy nose -- i kept on working. yes, i am not being dramatic here.
i stayed quite late at the office that when i reached my temporary flat, i just doze off to neverland.
indeed, working hard is a great way to combat insomnia.
i am not being a drama queen here. seriously.
while i have to finish all these reports on time, i also have to look for a flat because i will be moving out of my temporary shelter next weekend.
so in between calling bond traders, dcm bankers, strategists, fund managers and public relations officers, i have to go with my broker (who hardly speak english) to look for a flat.
i swear i owe myself a facial, a full body massage, body scrub and hot guys in my bed. later!

last saturday, i took a break from typing my stories and went with my broker to roam around wan chai looking for an apartment.
first stop, a dirty, dilapidated flat near the wanchai police station. the flat (being rented out for HK$9000) is so tiny  that i bet my summer outfits won't fit in. then the toilet too was so small, old and filthy that i cringed at the thought of using it more than twice a day. i take a shower like twice a day on weekdays and three to four times on weekends, especially during the summer.
second stop was a flat near the market place. it was at the fifth floor and the building has no elevator. the flat was ok (there was enough space to fit my summer, spring and winter wardrobe) and the toilet  looked well scrubbed. at HK9,000 a month, it was ok. but the absence of a lift turned me off. hello, what if i am wearing my cruel louboutin stilettos?!
more flats followed until i found one that i wanted.
it was just big enough for one, in a nice neighborhood (near the hong kong exhibition and convention center, a fifteen minute walk to the office), right next to the wan chai pier. luvly! it was a bit pricey, so i am still thinking about it. baka wala ng matira sa sweldo ko.

but i really like it. the floor tiles are new, the bathroom is small but really nice and clean. the kitchen is ok. the living room is also tiny but who cares? the bedroom has a nice view of the harbor. (but i am not sure if it was really a harbor that i saw from the window when i drew the curtains)!

so here i am, taking it easy after finishing my features earlier today.
i am thinking of getting a facial and a massage, but these are quite pricey here. so i would rather wait for my next trip to bali to have it. hahaha.
my only consolation is that when i go home, he is waiting for me.

ready to soothe my frayed nerves with his...

he is, to quote a luvly poem, my sunday's rest.

that's all princesses, bitches, witches, fairies and wannabes! tomorrow is monday, so i need to relax to prepare for another week of backbreaking work.
hay, it's tough being working class, noh?

(fotos not mine. no copyright infringements intended)


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