pasyon na pasyon

no, ladies, bitches, witches, fairies, princesses and mistresses.
i am not talking about the holy week. gosh!
it's a bit too early for that. i am referring to our collective luv for fashion (as if!), that is, the un-avant garde variety.
while i luv those alexander mcqueens on the runway, i don't fancy seeing them on the streets. so fv.
i prefer street fashion to be casual, relax, where you can actually breathe, let your hair down and still look fab as if you have just stepped out of the pages of vanity fair.
in my book, effortless glam always tops the list. the less complicated, the better. it would even be best if no designer labels are showing. given the current global economic doom, less is definitely more, while wearing expensive lables is sooo politically incorrect. do it and i won't talk to you anymore. as if!
on that note, let me give you some of the looks that i luv, all taken from the satorialist's blog.  i hope mr. sartoralist won't sue me for taking the liberty to publish his pictures here. i simply couldn't resist. they are so pretty, i should share them with you.

i soo luv the explosion of colours! so refreshing. the look actually reminds me of my hk bff (now in beijing) who has a skirt with the same colours. she even owns the same sandals that we picked from one of those mid-level shops along soho.

luv the candy coloured bag, so chic! and of course, her pose. very modelisque. actually, i luv the total look, even the sandals and the large dark shades are luvly.

her accessories are all pretty: shoes, bangles, shades, bag, phone, iced coffee (?) and those shapely legs.

                    don't you just luv those shoes and stockings? i so totally dig her. so fab-o-rama.

i luv everything about her: so effortless, so cowboy chic. i wish i could steal her aviators.

i am not a fan of shapeless dresses, nor of grey. but this one just takes the g away from grey to glamour! very audrey hepburn! i luv the bag too.
that's all!
enjoy the rest of the week you hardworking sea creatures...


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