early morning coffee shop scenes

by early morning, i mean around 10:45.
i was having my steaming cappuccino and eggs benedict when suddenly this woman on the next table started talking a bit loudly to her two companions. she was telling them that she would be filing a sexual harassment case against her boss, who proposed to her when she was inside his car a week ago. she said her boss is married and so is she. she added that at one time, she was forced to use the stairs on her way out of the office because her boss and his bodyguards were waiting for her at the elevator.
because i could not see her (they were seated behind me), i was imagining a femme fatale who looks like sharon stone (ekk too 80's), ok, like emma stone, you know, with a gorgeous face and a body with the right curves. her companions, a guy and a woman, were comforting her, advising her what to do.
she went on with her sob story.

curious, i stood up and pretended to get water from the dispenser so i could take a look at her.
to my surprise, she wasn't what i was imagining her to be. i don't want to judge. i don't want to sound mean. maybe her boss fancied her not for her looks but for her brains. or maybe her boss was missing his yaya and the comfort and warmth that she used to give him when he was a little naughty boy.


a few minutes later, a young lady (this time she is pretty) came in, dressed in white really short shorts and sexy blouson, with an older guy, a foreigner, in blue long-sleeve shirt and khaki pants. they sat right beside me. after the older guy ordered their food at the counter, they started talking.
apparently, the young lady was a professional matchmaker because she showed him pictures of ladies from a website and described each of them to the older guy, who looked fit and handsome at 70 something. if i were the young woman, i would just seduce him. why not? he seemed well-off. they arrived in a brand new bmw with a chauffeur. i know this because i saw them when they came out of the car. the coffee shop's walls and door were all glass.
now i would luv that job, being a matchmaker. i wonder if it earns well.


in another table outside, there was a handsome young man, in tank tops showing off a well toned body worthy of a details cover shoot and short pants. he was smoking while busy playing with his iphone. he looked like one of those young boys in a ralph lauren ad: sharp, mestizo features, reddish cheeks, curly, uncombed shoulder length hair and hairy legs. flipflops. clean toe nails. i luv!
he looked so relax, so easy going like everything was alright with the world. from time to time, he would be talking on his phone, laughing, while blowing off round smokes into the air.

the guard (i was seated next to the door) must have noticed me staring at the twink because he told me that he is a movie star, a winner of one of those reality shows at number one local network. he told me his name, but since i don't watch teevee except for news at bbc and cnn, his name did not ring a bell.
i was not surprised that he is a movie star, he looks like one. what surprised me was that he was not wearing dark shades and a cap to, you know, be unrecognisable from the screaming fans.


lastly, at another table inside the coffee shop, a good looking man dressed like an executive, probably in his 30s, was busy on his laptop and mobile phone. the guard told me that he is working for a property company that is building a high rise residential and commercial condominium near where i am staying at the moment. the project has been endorsed by one of the z-celebrities in the united states of obama who is famous for starring in a porn video with her then boyfriend and nothing more. i so hate her.
the guard added that the property executive has already sold a number of units in the still to be completed project. how did he know? the executive told him. the guard added that he usually meets his clients (mostly female and older than him, the nosy guard pointed out) in the coffee shop and sometimes they would leave together in his car. hmmmm...can he be selling something else?
seriously, i really admire these sales guys.
how can you convince people to buy something that has yet to be constructed. when all you can show is a scale model, a picture, a design and a promise that it would be completed in five or ten years time. but in the meantime, buyers have to shell out some funds already.
it's like selling religion. you have to sell a god that can't be seen. yet.


at lunchtime, the place became crowded with office workers and executives in their business suits.
i find them boring.
so i left and wander around the nearest shopping mall.
it's a quiet, sunny and funny monday.
i luv!

(all pictures are taken from the internet, so please don't sue me.)


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